The Preschool at Australian Christian College – Hume runs a 15 hour government funded Kindergarten Program and a 3 year old Pre-Kinder Program.

The Kindergarten Program provides a gentle transition into school life and a preparation for Prep, thus increasing the chances that your child will have a positive start at school.


A qualified early childhood teacher leads the program and the children are involved in readiness skills to prepare them for Prep.

The benefits of Kinder include:

  • Your child enjoys a gentle transition into the education process.
  • It increases your child’s ability to achieve success in Prep.
  • Your child will develop relationships with his or her peers, ‘buddies’ and teachers.
  • Your child will gain knowledge of the layout and the routines of the school, so that Prep does not become a frightening prospect for them.
  • Potential cost savings, as the Kinder fees are generally significantly lower than other services available.
  • It introduces your children to Christian values at an earlier stage in their education.

While the Kinder program is predominantly play-based, children also participate in:

  • Introduction to Literacy
  • Introduction to Mathematics – numbers, patterns, sorting, days of the week, months of the year, etc.
  • Gross motor skills development, e.g. ball skills
  • Fine motor skills development, e.g. writing, arts and craft
  • School Services involving singing, Bible stories, prayer, singing the National Anthem and raising the Australian flag
  • Performances, include singing, dance, actions, costumes, instruments

The children attend classes alongside the mainstream primary classes and participate in weekly School Services and performances at the end of the first and third terms.

Kinder operates during school terms on:

Mondays: 9am – 2pm
Tuesdays: 9am – 2pm
Thursdays: 9am – 2pm

Your child must be four years old by 30th April to attend Kindergarten Program.

In addition to the 4 year old Kinder Program, the school also operates a 3 year old Pre-Kinder Program on Friday mornings (9am - 12noon).

There is also a community playgroup held at the school on Wednesday mornings (10am - 12noon).

After Kinder, children progress into the school learning program.

sgv insignis colour  Kinder ProgramAustralian Christian College – Hume acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.