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Principal’s Message

The Story of the Mustard Seed

“Then Jesus asked, ‘What is the kingdom of God like? What shall I compare it to? It is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his garden. It grew and became a tree, and the birds of the air perched in its branches’.”
Luke 13.18-19.

The mustard seed is a very small seed yet it grows to be a very large tree. So large it provides branches for birds to perch in, shade to sit under and seeds that add flavour to our food.

Jesus here is saying the kingdom of God has the same effect. It is a small seed available for each of us to pick up and plant. If we tend it, water it and care for it, the kingdom of God will grow to be very significant in our lives. It will give shelter from the midday sun, a place of rest in its branches and will flavour our lives.

We pray that our students, parents and families will pick up the seed of the kingdom of God and will enjoy its benefits too.

Norm Fitzgerald



Whole School

End of Term Concert - Tuesday 2 April 6pm - 7pm

All families are invited to attend our end-of-term concert on Tuesday 2nd April.

Venue - still to be announced.

We will be entertained in song and other items by our 4 yr old kinder (Possums Group) and also our school children (Prep to Year 6).

I hear a whisper there may even be a special item from some staff.

A great night not to be missed. Come and celebrate the end of a great term. Bring your friends and relatives.


Year Seven in 2023

The School Board made a decision last week to postpone the commencement of Year Seven until 2023.

This decision gives time for the School to concentrate on building the ACC Early Learners and strategically plan a building program that will cater for future growth in Primary and the commencement of Secondary.

We realise this decision may impact the future plans of some families and we apologise for any inconvenience.

We remain committed to providing a solid Primary foundation for all of our students, especially those in Year Four and above who be moving on to other schools. We have a good track record of students who have gone on to other schools and achieved academic success and will continue to help our current students to finish well and achieve success at secondary to the best of their ability.

We look forward to exciting years ahead as we work as a community to pioneer a P-12 (actually, three year olds to Year 12!) with a solid reputation in education for the community of Benalla and beyond.

Prep Class

Wow! It’s hard to believe that the new Preps have been at school for a month already! Time has certainly flown and these little ones have done a great job trying to get their head around the (very structured!) routine of a school day! Over the past month, we have enjoyed learning about the difference between a word and a sentence, as well as the fact that sentences start with capital letters and end with full stops. We have learnt how to count words in both written and spoken sentences. In Maths, we have been learning to write the numbers 0-10 as well as practising our counting. Here are some happy snaps from the first week, of the children making numbers out of playdough.

Leah Bosch



Junior Class

The junior class treasures are loving working in our classroom with all the gorgeous books around us. We have a real library atmosphere this year with thousands of books to reach for and enjoy every day. We are learning to choose good fit books which help us to learn and to enjoy reading for its own sake. I am encouraging the treasures to take lots of books home in their satchels every night so they can experience the joy that comes from escaping into a different world where exciting adventures take place and new ways of doing things can be discovered.


Alison Stephens

Junior Class Teacher


Senior Class

Senior students are thoroughly enjoying their Australian Projects. They are following an Inquiry-Based teaching approach. Inquiry-Based Learning is not about finding facts but rather about researching and answering questions or solving issues. This method of learning assists students to explore their curiosity in the world, ask questions and move through the learning cycle to solve them. The beauty of using an Inquiry-based learning approach is it encourages a ‘hands-on’, ‘minds-on’ and ‘research-based’ learning set of skills that requires both problem solving and self-management skills.

Senior students are also enjoying the introduction of buddy reading encouraging reciprocal reading within the classroom. Our focus in class has been on Reading to Learn and adopting efficient reading strategies to be able to ask and answer questions about a text. Our classroom is transforming into a beehive of activity, creativity and fun.

Claire Knight

Senior Class Teacher



Kinder Backyard Works Imminent

The Kinder Backyard redevelopment is likely to start within the next week or so. It is expected to take four weeks for the majority of the work to be completed. Play equipment has been ordered but will be installed at a date two to three months away.

During the works, temporary fencing will be installed and adjustments will be made to the Early Learners outside space. School students will have access to the toilets as usual.

The refurbishment of the old Library is still in the pipeline with a start day yet to be fixed.

4 Year Old Kinder Class

The four year old kinder year has started well and we have been busy getting to know each other. We are learning to make friends, share, work together and have fun.

We have planted lots of seeds and watched them grow.

We made an airplane out of a very big box.

We have had our first visit to Cooinda aged care where we have began some very special friendships with the residents.

Claire Fitzgerald

Possums Room Leader


3 Year Old Pre-Kinder Class

A lot has happened in the Bilbies room in such a short amount of time!

This month of February has brought about a lot of new friendships, new learning experiences both inside and outside, and new ways of independence.

Children have engaged in water play, dress ups, sand play, worked on our climbing skills, self help skills, sharing, taking turns and most importantly got to learn about each other, our teachers, and our environment.

Esther Dickie

Bilbies Room Leader



We have had a very busy February. Over this month the after-school care children have settled well. Our school children have enjoyed building up their multi-level car parking and spaceships with blocks.

It has been great to watch school children and kinder children working collaboratively together.

It is wonderful to see their creativity and imagination. We are also doing some simple science experiments and we are discussing -What is the Science behind the chemical reations. Our afterschool care children have been enjoying playing with the magnetic colored blocks, it is one of their favourite activies - they have made houses, pyramids,rockets and crowns etc.

Grace Sundarrajan

Afternoon Room Leader


ACC Youth

ACC Youth went on an expedition to Supatramp/Supaclimb in Wodonga to kick off the year. This was followed by Water Wars at school with the addition of shaving cream games. Year 6 and older students are welcome to join our next event on Friday 8th March at school for a free two hours of fun between 5.00 and 7.00pm. We’ll have the big beach ball out and play the classic game of Texicans and Mexicans.

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