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Principal’s Message

The Power of Belief

“Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God,”
John 1.12

I trust you enjoyed the play “I Can Only Imagine” on Wednesday night. It is good to see our children perform.

However, the message is important too. The play brings to life what the Bible declares is the eternal future for those who are in Christ.

It is the kind of future I want for my eternity. The question is, how do I make sure I am going there?

The answer to this question is also in the Bible, and it is not rocket-science. It is so simple, even a child can do it.

All you need to do is believe.

As this passage in the book of John says, all you need to do is receive what Jesus did on the Cross in paying the penalty for our sins and believe. Then we have the right to become children of God and heirs to an eternal life with him.

Count me in.

Norm Fitzgerald



Whole School

Parenting Tip of the Month – Spend quality time with your child

The holidays are now upon us and our children have plenty of time to use up.

What will they do with it? Watch tv, run around outside, sleep in, go to a friend’s house, do homework?

Who will they be doing these activities with? Brothers, sisters, friends, babysitters, childcare workers?

The best time in the holidays is time spent with you. With plenty of time, there is plenty of opportunity. But time flies and it will be over before you know it.

Your child isn’t going far. They are just there, waiting for that special moment with you these holidays.

Why not plan that special occasion right now?

ACC early learners 2019

We are well underway with preparing for ACCEL in 2019. It is a timely reminder what we have on offer in 2019:

Please tell your friends, work colleagues and any young families you may know.

Euroa Bus Established

You may have seen our new bus in the school car park. We are now running a bus from and to Euroa.

We will be advertising in Euroa and Violet Town in the next few months.

If you have connections to any families in these towns, or surrounding areas, that may be interested in ACC Hume please let them know and get them to contact the School Office.

School Farewells Fiona Ham

It is with sadness that we farewell Fiona as our Four Year Old Kinder and Italian Teacher. We thank her for her contribution to our school over the last two years and wish her and the Ham family well with future endeavours.

The replacement Four Year Old Kinder Teacher will be announced prior to the first day of Term 4, (8th October)

There will be a farewell lunch for Kinder children and parents on Tuesday, 16 October at 1pm.

School Production – “I Can Only Imagine”

The students performed with excellence on Wednesday night. A large crowd of appreciative parents, family members and friends packed the Glasshouse to watch the spectacle.

Year 3-6 excelled in articulating their characters’ lines. Prep to Year 2 students provided a confident supporting role and the Kindergarten children were just cute.

Thanks to all staff and parents who assisted. If you took photos on the night please send them through to the school office.

Important Dates


Platinum Awards

Congratulations to our Platinum Award recipients in September.  Awards are presented at our Monday Morning School Services.

Calvin Draper and Mackenzie Mort on Monday 3rd September.

Mario Golousov on Monday 10th September.

Kyah Loh on Monday 17th September.

Benalla Festival Street Parade 10th November 2pm

 The tradition of the Benalla Festival Street Parade has been delighting the Benalla community and visitors for over 50 years with colourful floats, entertainers, bands, ect.

This parade is a wonderful opportunity for our School and Kinder to celebrate our community and showcase our creativity to Benalla and District.

This year the theme is OUR BACKYARD…. a celebration of our special places and spaces here in Benalla.

For this Parade we ask our creative parents to get busy again with a costume for your child to wear for the street parade.  You have amazed us with everything you have done with costumes this year - so we know you can do it.

So for our float this year

Sssshhh!  It is a secret……We will have our bus in the parade of course.  Our school bus will pull a trailer with our Farm art Benalla Rocket and a mural the children will be decorating of special Benalla iconic places such as the Benalla Bridge, Art Gallery, Mural and rose gardens  ect.

We ask parents to dress their child up as something that represents a special place in Benalla.

Eg.  you might use a cardboard box to make a plane to represent the Gliding Club or a Cardboard Car to make a racing Car to represent Winton Raceway.  You might make a boat to represent Lake Benalla.  You might wear your favourite Benalla sport uniform.  You might dress up again in your book week character to represent the Benalla Library - your imagination is endless.

Our 4 yr old kinder class will dress up as old people and kinder Students  to represent our special monthly community project Kinder@Cooinda which they are a special part of, we might even try and borrow some wheelchairs.  That would be fun!

If you cannot make a costume - don’t panic just wear your sport uniform and come and join in all the fun of the street parade.  If you have any questions or need any ideas please see Lynne in the office.

Small Schools Athletics Carnival

The Athletics Carnival has been postponed until Friday 26 October.

Keep this day free and come and cheer on our students as they compete.  We will need some helpers on the day to help us run our events.  Please see Lynne if you can help out.

Preparing our Students for a Future in Technology

ACC schools nationally have identified the need for students to become confident users of technology. In line with ACC policy, Hume will be aligning with our national objective to have all ACC students bringing their own device (BYOD) to school by 2020.

The BYOD policy states that students  are required to bring their own device to school each day with the approved apps downloaded on their device to be available for use at school. It is advisable for Prep to Year 4 student have an iPad with a minimum of Version 4, wifi only and a protective cover.  Students in Year 5 and above may wish to bring a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Parents are advised to take out insurance on their devices to cover breakage or loss.

The iPad for younger students has been chosen as the device of choice as it is reliable, lightweight and able to handle the programs the students will use. Staff will be able to  provide basic support to students when required. If students currently own or have access to an iPad, they can now start bringing them every day to class. Families will be given a list of ‘apps’ that need to be installed on the iPads after initial wifi setup at school as a part of the 2019 Stationery List at the end of the year.

At school students will connect their devices to the school’s wifi network which is available in every learning space at ACC Hume.   Strict protocols of the use of devices and instruction on self discipline in using technology, appropriate use and communication in using devices and care and maintenance of devices will form part of the learning at ACC Hume.

In rolling out this policy we require all Year 3 to 6 students to BYOD next year in 2019. Prep to Year 2 students will require BYOD devices by 2020. 

This is a positive step in securing the very best education for our students.  Please don’t hesitate to contact the Principal if you have any questions or concerns.  

Camping Program

Senior Class Local Camp

As explained in the previous notice, the Senior Camp (involving all Yr 3-6 students) for 2018 will be doing local day trips from Benalla. We can confirm that the following activities have been booked:

TUESDAY 9th October

Mt Buffalo (explore our wonderful outdoors – weather permitting)

WEDNESDAY 10th October

Beechworth (go back in history)

Wednesday Night Sleepover

THURSDAY 11th October

Kyabram (get up close to our native animals)

Wangaratta Sports Carnival - Friday 12th October

Selected Senior Class students will head to Wangaratta on Friday, 12th October to participate in the Ovens and Mitta Division Athletics Carnival

 Year One and Year Two  Sleepover

The Year Ones and Year Twos will be sleeping over at school on Thursday, October 11th. A permission form will be sent home on the first day of Term 4,Tuesday, October 9th. Students will need to bring bedding which may be a sleeping bag and pillow with a sleeping mat or a sleeping mat, quilt and pillow. Dinner and breakfast will be provided at a small cost and at no cost to health care card holders.

Prep Night Out

The start of our Camping Program begins with the Prep children having an evening at school.  They participate in games, dinner and the evening activities with the Year 1 and 2 children, but go home to sleep. The Prep evening is on Thursday, October 11th. A permission form will be sent home on the first day of Term 4. 

Swimming Program

This year students will be assigned to either of two swimming groups:

The days for swimming are as follows:

Senior Swimming Group (12-1pm)

Junior Swimming Group

Swimming Carnival (Prep-Year 6)

What to bring to each swim lesson:

Swimming Program at ‘Moore than Swimming’ in Wangaratta - Private Swim School.  

Students will travel by our school bus to Wangaratta with Norm Fitzgerald.  Students need to bring swimmers, towel and goggles.  Girls to have hair tied back off their face.  Boys to wear swimming shorts (not long board shorts below the knee).  Bring a comb/brush and a bag to carry wet swimming gear home.
This is an excellent part of our education program for all students.

Summer Uniform for Term 4

School students will be required to wear Summer Uniform from the beginning of Term 4.

This is a good time to get it out and ensure that it is in good repair and still fits. You may need to order additional items from the online store.

Points to remember:

Wearing the correct uniform with pride is a way that students can ‘be their best.’ We ask parents to support the school in our expectation of wearing the appropriate uniform.

Prep Transition

Who does it involve?

Dates and Times:

Prep Parent Information Meeting:

Term 4 Start Dates

·   Four Year Old Kinder – Monday 8th October

·   Prep-Year 6 – Tuesday 9th October

·   Three Year Old Kinder – Friday 12th October

ACC Youth

ACC Youth enjoyed games at school earlier this month.

For the last event of the term, Year 5 students were invited. We enjoyed the comfort of our own bus and the company of the largest number at youth so far.

Prep - Year 1 Class

All the classes have been enthusiastically working on our school display for the Benalla Show. This year we have a theme of ‘ACC… learning and growing together’. The Prep/1 children have enjoyed making little chickens, flowers and planting seedings for the display.

Suzanne Roe



Junior Class

The Junior Class wrote and performed speeches on Thursday, September 20th with Mrs Roe and the Prep/ 1s a willing audience. All students described their backyards and their favourite backyard pursuits. Mrs Roe and I were impressed by their writing, their confident delivery and their exciting backyards. Congratulations to the winner of the speech competition, Xavier Watson, whose speech is copied below.

My Back Yard

My backyard is on the side of a hill, and it has wattle trees in the middle. Our back fence is just wire, but the people next door planted small, round trees that you can’t see through. This year my dad borrowed a saw on a long pole from my uncle so he could cut down some wattle trees that might have fallen onto our house.

When I bought my birds, we all had to help dig out some flat spaces to put the aviaries. Aviaries are really big bird cages that sit on the ground and are big enough for me to walk around in. Dad had to use the forks on the tractor to move them to the right place.  

Past the clothes line we have a cubby house and a play centre with swings and a bendy slide. I put my dart board in the cubby so I can practice throwing darts. The play centre also has a rock climbing wall with coloured grips like we have at school. The other way to get to the top is up a wooden ladder on the other side.

Below the cubby we have a small, wooden shed and a dog run. We also have three big water tanks. One is at the top of the hill, so water goes to the house even when the power isn’t working. The other two are lower than the house so they can catch the rain off the roof.

There are lots of things that I do in my backyard. I like doing things that are fun and sporty. I can ride my bike down the hill; I can  race my sister over stick hurdles; I can walk around on the stilts that my poppy made when mum was little.

I can also roast marshmallows on a fire in my backyard. I like to get them dark and burning and then blow them out, and they are soft, sticky and gooey in the middle.

I like to stand at my aviaries and watch my birds flying around and going in and out of their nest boxes.

I have three favourite things to do in my backyard. Watching and feeding my birds is a lot of fun. The love birds are naughty and undo the bottom of my feeder so it falls off.

Kicking my football is another thing that I like doing. It is hard to have to keep going down and up the hill to get it though.

The third thing that is my favourite is flying the little drone that nana gave me for my birthday. It has four propellors and can go in any direction.

Thank you

Xavier Watson

September 2018

I hope all the treasures enjoy their backyard adventures these holidays.


Alison Stephens



Senior Class

This term the students have been busy working on Health projects in which they needed to identify something that has a negative effect on an individuals health, an organisation that assists people in this area, and something they personally could do to make a difference. It was wonderful to see the students’ research skills develop throughout the term, their attention to detail when putting all their information together, as well as their creativity and imagination come into play. Here are just a few snaps of some of the finished products!

Leah Bosch

Senior Class Teacher



4 Year Old Kinder Class

Norm Fitzgerald


3 Year Old Pre-Kinder Class

Spring is here, at last we have been able to get outside for big chunks of sunny play.

The children have enjoyed making up their own games in the sandpit, cubby, and riding bikes has been a hit.

Enjoy your holidays, we’ll  see you all back for fourth term.  Can’t believe how quickly the year is flying by.

Wendy Smith



Photo Gallery


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