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Principal’s Message

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace,”
Isaiah 9:6

The year is drawing to a close. We look back and wonder where time has gone and think about all the things we should have, or could have, done.

We look forward wearily to the approaching holidays and, perhaps, long for a break, or dread the busyness of the coming ‘Silly Season.’

But draw aside for one moment.

Give thought to the reason we place our holidays at this time of year. Perhaps ponder why we clock over at this time to a new year, 2019 a.d., an abbreviation for anno domini which means ‘In the year of our Lord.’

Let’s remember that we celebrate at Christmas the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord. Let us take comfort for his birth for in him we have a Wonderful Counselor, a Mighty God, access to the Everlasting Father and he is our Prince of Peace.

Let’s remember that the entire world ushers in a new year counted from that most monumental event of the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord. Such is the influence of this babe born in a manger.

And when you ponder these thoughts, let us be thankful for how Jesus has made the world a better place over the last two millennia, and given us a hope and peace for those who believe.

Norm Fitzgerald



Whole School

Grant Success

It is with excitement that we can confirm that ACC Early Learners has received two grants coinciding with the launch of our Long Day Care model in January next year.

Kinder Backyard Redevelopment Grant

This grant is to expand and redevelop the Kinder Backyard and is worth $175,000. It will take the Early Learner’s space out to the boundary fences and will include a bike track, new cubby house, play equipment, planter boxes, water play, sensory garden, extended sandpit, basket swing, mounded hill and chicken coop.

The yard is designed to be inclusive of children with all ability levels.

Early Learners Expansion Project Grant

This grant is for $149,103 and is designed to increase projected demand for our Early Learners offering of Long Day Care, Before and After School Care, Three and Four Year Old Kinder Programs from a current capacity of 22 children to 44 children.

The works will include renovating the current school library so that it complies to National Regulations for Early Childhood, redeveloping the kitchenette to be fully functional to meet the needs of meal provisions for ACCEL, and the addition of a toilet suitable for young children.

The School Library will be accommodated in our three other classrooms in 2019 with further thought given to increasing our facilities in 2020 to make room for a potential Year 7 class an additional Primary class.

A copy of the proposed works can be viewed in the School Office.

We are hoping works will be complete by the 21st January for the launch of ACC Early Learners.

Welcome Claire Fitzgerald

We are pleased to announce that Claire Fitzgerald has commenced as the Four Year Old Kinder Teacher. Claire comes with experience in Long Day Care, Family Day Care and the majority of a Bachelor of Education (Birth to Five Years) completed.

ACC Early Learners 2019

ACCEL commences on the 21 January. We are encouraged by the response to our offerings so far but there is still room in our Three and Four Year Old Kinder Programs and Before and After School Care.

Enquiries welcome.

Literacy in Early Learners

Preparations are being made to incorporate best-practice early literacy teaching that prepares students with essential skills for Prep. Evidence states that Phonological Awareness is the key skill set required. Our current Four Year Old Kinder Teacher will be attending a PreLit Professional Development program to ensure we are ready to go in 2019.

Numeracy in Early Learners

The Preschool this year received a grant to establish Let’s Count as a means of promoting and embracing numeracy in Early Childhood. Let’s Count will form an important foundation for our pre-primary preparation for ACCEL students in both Three and Four Year Old Programs.


Platinum Awards

Congratulations to our Platinum Award recipients  in October.  Awards are presented at our Monday Morning School Services.

Hamish Moubarak and Max Drenovski achieved their platinum awards this month, however Max was absent on Monday 29th when awards were presented. We present Max’s certificate next Monday.

Hamish is pictured below.  A big congratulations to both boys on a wonderful achievement.

Benalla Festival Street Parade 10th November 2pm

We ask families to meet us at the Weary Dunlop Memorial in the Benalla Rose Gardens at 1:30pm

This year the theme is OUR BACKYARD….a celebration of our special places and spaces here in Benalla.

The children have been busy at school painting our float and adding their special touches.  So we are very pleased with how it is shaping up.

School children are to wear their summer sports uniform and attach the decorations made at school, these decorations will be sent home with your child on Friday 9th November.

Our 4 yr old kinder class will dress up as old people and kinder students to represent our special monthly community project Kinder@Cooinda which they are a special part of, we might even try and borrow some wheelchairs.  That would be fun!

 Please return the RSVP slip sent home by Monday 5th November to Lynne at the school office.

Benalla Festival Writing Competition

There were over 140 entries in years 3 and 4  and in excess of 60 entries in years 5 and 6 sections.

Congratulations to Isaac Mason and Elisabeth Hawke for being awarded a ‘Highly Commended’.  

They have both won a double pass to see a film at BPACC.  Isaac and Elisabeth and their families are invited to attend the awards function at the Weary Dunlop Learning Centre (Benalla Library) at 6:00pm on the 8th November.

Book Launch - The Owl who travels through time

Our senior class had the opportunity to be involved in writing and illustrating  Craig Dent’s latest book The Owl who travels through time.

Craig and Lauren will be returning to our school at 2pm on Tuesday 13th November to launch and sign copies of the book.

Copies of this book can be ordered before Wednesday November 7th at our school office - the book is $20 to purchase.  A great memory to have.

The following students made contributes to the book in writing verses and/or picture illustrations.

Verses by:-

Chloe Jacobs, Imogen Jones, Georgia Van De Paverd

Audrey Walker, Isaac Mason, Flynn Mosely

Jamillia Carey-Smith, Hannah Humphries, Rebecca Humphries

Finley Draper, Elisabeth Hawke.

Pictures by:-

Imogen Jones

Georgia Van De Paverd

Audrey Walker

Jamillia Carey Smith

Elisabeth Hawke

Kiara Triffitt

Small Schools Athletics Carnival

All students are to be congratulated for their efforts on Friday last week. Two students achieved particularly well, receiving Age Group Champion status: Eloise Hawke (8 Year Old Girls Champion) and Finley Draper (9 Year Old Boys Champion)

Preparing our Students for a Future in Technology

ACC schools nationally have identified the need for students to become confident users of technology. In line with ACC policy, Hume will be aligning with our national objective to have all ACC students bringing their own device (BYOD) to school by 2020.

The BYOD policy states that students are required to bring their own device to school each day with the approved apps downloaded on their device to be available for use at school. It is advisable for Prep to Year 4 student have an iPad with a minimum of Version 4, wifi only and a protective cover.  Students in Year 5 and above may wish to bring a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Parents are advised to take out insurance on their devices to cover breakage or loss.

The iPad for younger students has been chosen as the device of choice as it is reliable, lightweight and able to handle the programs the students will use. Staff will be able to  provide basic support to students when required. If students currently own or have access to an iPad, they can now start bringing them every day to class. Families will be given a list of ‘apps’ that need to be installed on the iPads after initial wifi setup at school as a part of the 2019 Stationery List at the end of the year.

At school students will connect their devices to the school’s wifi network which is available in every learning space at ACC Hume.   Strict protocols of the use of devices and instruction on self discipline in using technology, appropriate use and communication in using devices and care and maintenance of devices will form part of the learning at ACC Hume.

In rolling out this policy we require all Year 3 to 6 students to BYOD next year in 2019. Prep to Year 2 students will require BYOD devices by 2020. 

This is a positive step in securing the very best education for our students.  Please don’t hesitate to contact the Principal if you have any questions or concerns.  

Camping Program

Senior Class Local Camp

The Senior Class enjoyed three days of activities in the first week back at school. It was an experience of ‘firsts’ for some students: first time to Mount Buffalo, first visit to Beechworth, first time away from Mum and Dad overnight, first touch of a kangaroo, first touch of snow. Staff were proud of the presentation and behaviour of our senior students throughout the experience.

Tuesday - MtBuffalo

Wednesday - Beechworth

Wednesday Sleepover

Thursday - Kyabram Flora and Fauna Park

Wangaratta Sports Carnival - Friday 12th October

ACC Youth

The Youth Group enjoyed a game of Tenpin this month and a games night at school.

 Year One and Year Two  Sleepover

 The Sleepover was such great fun with all our treasures enjoying playing with their friends, working on mosaics for the Benalla Show and eating pizza and ice cream. Sleeping on blow up mattresses and swags was a special experience too but the real highlight was having breakfast under the tree with all our magpie friends looking on. Special thanks to Mr Knight for cooking amazing pancakes and to Mrs Roe for organising catering.

Swimming Program

The Swimming Program is under way. Junior students will have their first lesson as the e-News is published. Remaining lesson times are as follows:

Senior Swimming Group (12-1pm)

Junior Swimming Group (12-1pm)

Swimming Carnival (12-2pm)

The Swimming Carnival is a fun afternoon for all school students and families, and a way of celebrating the new-found, or better-developed, skills of our students. We encourage you to join us. Bring your bathers for the all-important Adults Vs. Student relay.

Uniform Check

We are now well underway with Term 4 and students should be in full Summer Uniform by now.

 They should also be wearing proper Sport Uniform which, in summer, includes shorts only and not long pants.

 If students require an extra layer for warmth, please use school uniform jackets, jumpers or undergarments that are not visible under their uniform.

 We will be reminding  students and parents of our uniform guidelines to ensure our students look their best.

Prep Transition

Who does it involve?

Dates and Times:

Prep Parent Information Meeting:

Senior Class Market Day

On Wednesday 21st of November, the senior class will be holding market stalls at lunch time. Items for purchase will range from food and drink items to homemade trinkets. Your child might like to bring some money that day so they can participate.

Prep - Year 1 Class

This is the newest member of the Prep/One class Brown Bear. Brown Bear loves going places, on play-dates, having stories read to him, having his photo taken and going for sleep-overs. Brown Bear is still learning to read and write so he needs the children to help him write in his journal about his adventures.

Suzanne Roe



Junior Class

The first three weeks of Term 4 have been full of adventure. The treasures have started learning about the inside of our amazing bodies and how to achieve good health. We have slept at school, been to athletics sports, had swimming lessons and been involved in preparing a display for the Benalla Show as well as working on the float for the Benalla Festival. A special feature of the Junior Class is our group and collaborative work and we worked as a team to clean up the school yard and still had energy for lots of learning in the classroom, including writing about our families, such as this piece by Skye and a Haiku poem by Amelia. Our class loves Maths and our success has been noted by Mathletics with the very special (and rare) award being sent to three of our students, Xavier Watson, Mario Golousov and Max Drenovski. Congratulations!

Alison Stephens



Senior Class

This term the senior students have entered quite a few competitions! They participated in the Benalla Festival Writing Competition, as well as the Children’s week Competition. The theme was ‘What does family mean to you?’ and students had the opportunity to present their thoughts in the form of a collage, drawing, poem or comic. It was great to see many of the students getting creative and letting their imaginations run wild! Here are some action pictures of their creations!

Leah Bosch

Senior Class Teacher



4 Year Old Kinder Class

My name is Claire Fitzgerald and I am the new preschool teacher for term 4. We have had a wonderful term so far and I have made some very special little friends. DJ brought a first aid kit for show and tell which inspired us to set up a doll hospital and make our own paper first aid kits. We learnt about what our brain, heart and bones do in our bodies and painted them on a paper person. We went to Cooinda and played with our aged friends, the singing and dance time at the end of our visit was a very special time for all.

Claire Fitzgerald



3 Year Old Pre-Kinder Class

The littlest kinder people have enjoyed some lovely sunny spring days this term. We’ve had so much fun outside that the time has gone so quickly and we haven’t gone inside.  Our time outside has been busy with water play, fishing, mudpies in the sandpit, painting the cubbyhouse and watering our thirsty plants.  

Wendy Smith



Photo Gallery

Term 4 Dates to Remember


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