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Principal’s Message

Greater Love has No One than This…

“Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends,”
John 15.13.

Jesus, in the next verse, called his disciples his friends. He knew he was going to the cross and that he would die a painful death to set his friends free from sin.

In the same way, our diggers left the shores of Australia. They did so to defend their friends, and family. Some, like Jesus, laid down their lives on foreign shores. Some returned home but bore the scars of conflict in body, mind and soul.

They paid the price that we may be free. Free to live in a beautiful country. Free from tyranny and oppression. The ultimate price for the most precious gift.

On ANZAC Day, we remembered.

Our school community was represented by four students: Georgia, Rebecca, Chloe and Mia at the Parade on the day who laid a wreath on our behalf.

But we all remembered, lest we forget.

Norm Fitzgerald

Whole School

Parenting Tip of the Month - Keep your word

It is so easy as a parent to promise something to our child when the pressure is on, or just to stop them nagging. But you are best not to make ‘promises’ you cannot keep. In fact, it may be best not to use the word ‘promise’ at all.

The Bible says this too in James chapter 5 verse 12: “Do not swear - not by heaven or by earth or anything else. Let your ‘Yes’ be yes, and your ‘No’ be no.”

Children have a great memory for the promises we make. But if we don’t keep them, it may erode the trust they place on us, and we are teaching them that our words do not matter.

If we want our child to listen to our words, then we need to keep our word.

ANZAC Day Parade

Students and families of our school community remembered the fallen and those who sacrificed in theatres of war to make our country free and great.

All students laid handmade wreaths at our School ANZAC Service on Tuesday, 24 April.

On ANZAC day, Rebecca, Georgia, Chloe and Mia represented our school in the Parade and laid a wreath on our behalf. They did so with great respect. Well done, girls.


School Service to Receive New Flag

Steph Ryan, Member for Euroa and Deputy Leader of the Nationals, visited our school on Thursday, 26 April to present our students, represented by Rebecca and Georgia, with a new flag.

She reminded us of the symbols adorning our flag and the recent history since Federation that has helped to shape the free country that we now enjoy.

Steph made particular comment on how smart our students looked in their Winter Uniforms.


Winter & Sports Uniform

It is good to see that most students are wearing their Winter and Sports Uniforms fully and with pride.

We are aware there are some uniform items that are currently out-of-stock and we just need to wait for them to arrive.

However, if your child is unable to be fully in uniform for another reason, please contact Lynne in the Office.

Over the next few weeks, Lynne has been asked to give a friendly reminder to ensure the our students are looking their best.

Members from our local community frequently comment on how nice our Winter Uniform looks. Our students can confidently wear it with pride knowing how impressive they look to others.

Mother’s Day Morning Tea

Please Note: There are two different days.

Mothers, Stepmothers, Grandmothers and other significant mother-figures of Preschool and School students are invited to our Mother’s Day Morning Tea. We want to celebrate the gift of life you have given your child and to honour the hard work you have put in on a daily basis.

Mother’s Day Morning Tea will happen on two different days, as outlined below:

Four Year Old Kinder Class Mother’s Day Morning Tea

School and Three Year Old Prekinder Class Mother’s Day Morning Tea

Any Dad (or Mum) who would like to contribute a plate for morning tea can notify Lynne in the School Office about their generous offer.

School Cross Country

Following the highly successful relocation of our School Cross Country last year, we are heading out to the Mokoan Hub, Winton Wetlands again this year.

Students will enjoy the scenery, wildlife, birdlife and the great outdoors as they run their race whilst parents enjoy a coffee and/or lunch at the Hub facilities as they have a bird’s eye view of their children crossing the finish line.

The Four Year Old Kinder Class will again join us.

Course distances:


NAPLAN for Year 3 and 5 students will be held on the days Tuesday to Thursday, 15-17 May.

Small Schools Cross Country

This year our school is organizing the Small Schools Cross Country.

We have seized this opportunity to show off our new cross country course at the Mokoan Hub, Winton Wetlands.

This will mean our fellow small school communities have the chance to enjoy one of Benalla’s most unique natural environments and tourist attractions.

The day will run similar to our School Cross Country (refer to description on School Cross County, 10 May) with the same courses for students, the possibility of a fun adult race and the chance to utilize the Mokoan Hub Café for refreshments and lunch.


ACC Youth

Our Term activities commenced on Friday, 27 April, too late to include photos, however, do check out our Facebook page.

Youth dates for the term are as follows:

Check out Google Calendar for details as they come to hand.

Prep - Year 1 Class

Welcome back to Term 2. The children have obviously had a good break and have come back to school well rested and ready for some more learning. We have been learning about ANZAC Day and done various activities to help develop the children’s understanding and respect of this important National day.

Suzanne Roe



Junior Class

Term 2 is the term in which the most important learning takes place. The students have eleven weeks before the coldest weather sets in to write, think and develop their skills. During the last two weeks, we have been learning how to state a point of view and how to back that point of view up using three arguments, as well as using persuasive language to convince others that they should agree. This activity really makes the treasures think. You can help your child develop these thinking skills at home by asking them what they think about different topics and asking them to give you three reasons why they have formed that opinion. Dinner time debates could be fun!

While thinking and writing are really important, we also need to develop fine motor skills and creativity so we have weekly art/ craft lessons and music lessons to ensure this area of your child’s development is addressed. This term all the treasures made wreaths to place at the flagpole for our school ANZAC service and a paper dog puppet, many of which resembled the family pet. Some students also enjoy drawing and colouring for leisure and use their play times creatively as well.


Alison Stephens



Senior Class

Well, the term has gotten off to a busy start. The students have continued to enjoy our new literacy program called MSL and this has benefitted their reading and spelling greatly.

They have also enjoyed playing Maths games and other hands on activities. Last week, the students learnt about area and perimeter by making robots and then calculating the area and perimeter of each body part. Feel free to pop into our classroom and have a look at the finished products!

Leah Bosch




4 Year Old Kinder Class

Welcome back to Term 2. I hope you had a very restful break. We have another busy term ahead of us. This week we went to Cooinda for our monthly “Kinder at Cooinda” program. As it was the day before ANZAC Day, we coloured wreaths and stuck poppies on them. It was lovely watching the children and residents working together to get their wreaths finished. We read the story “Lest We Forget”. This was quite moving for some of the residents and a great learning experience for our kids. We are all looking forward to our visit next month. Back at kinder we had an ANZAC service at the flagpole with the school. Thank-you to the parents who attended the service, it is a very important event and great that we could all be part of it.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome D.J. to our group. We hope he has a great time here at kinder with us all. Please make D.J. and his mum Jayde feel welcome to our kinder community.

Coming up in the next couple of weeks we have got our Mother’s Day Morning Tea. It is on Tuesday 8th May at 10.30am till 11.30am in the kinder. We will share some morning tea, have a play, sing some songs and read a story. There may even be a secret surprise or 2 for you. I hope you are able to make it.

Fiona Ham



3 Year Old Pre-Kinder Class

The children have returned this term  and quickly settled into the activities around the room.  This term we will be learning about the the letters in our names and  finding  different ways to make that letter.  We have started with sponge letters and lots of paint. The children really enjoyed printing letters this way and that.  At home you could talk with your children about the letters that make up their name and what other family members names start with.

Happy letter hunting.

Wendy Smith




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