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Principal’s Message

I Just Wanna Be a Sheep

“I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me,”
John 10.14

A song your child might have come home singing this term is “I Just Wanna Be a Sheep’ (Baa, baa, baa).

We do not always admire the attributes of a sheep.When students were asked earlier this term no one considered a sheep to be their favourite animal.

However, from a Biblical standpoint, we are all like sheep. Sheep need a shepherd to take care of them by providing shelter and good pasture, and to protect them. If we do not have a shepherd we are like strays.

“we all, like sheep, have gone astray.”
Isaiah 53.6 says

Stray sheep are vulnerable and lost.

But Jesus has come as the good shepherd to offer us shelter, protection and good pasture. It is good to be in his flock. Jesus also says “The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep,” John 10.11.

That is the kind of shepherd I need and the kind of flock I want to be in and, though the sheep is not necessarily my favourite animal, I am happy just being a sheep too.

Norm Fitzgerald



Whole School

Parenting Tip of the Month – Teach your child to say ‘Good Morning’

Isn’t it nice to have someone look you in the eye, smile and greet you with a cheerful ‘Good Morning?’

This does not come naturally to us all. However, we can learn it – and the earlier the better!

If you teach your child to greet someone nicely, you brighten that person’s day and you brighten your child’s world.

ACC early learners 2019

The launch of ACC early learners has been met with enthusiasm throughout the ACC community and we are encouraged with the very positive response.

You are likely to see adverts in the Ensign over the next few weeks promoting our public launch at an Information Evening on Tuesday, 24th July at 7pm. Please tell other families you know that may benefit from our Long Day Care, Three & Four Year Old Kinder or Before & After School Care next year. Please feel free to come along to support our launch, bring a friend or find out more yourself.

Platinum Awards

Congratulations to our first Platinum Award recipients Xavier Hall, Skye Loh and Ruby Ham on the 12th June. Followed by Amelia Moubarak and Xavier Watson on the 18th June.


We are pleased to provide parents with Student Reports at the end of a rewarding first semester. Please ensure you praise your child for a job well done.

The letter accompanying reports has important information on how to read your report so make sure you read this letter carefully.

If you have any questions, you will have a chance to ask your child’s teacher at your Parent/Teacher Interview early next term.

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Teachers will contact all parents to invite them to an interview in the first two weeks of Term 3.

The purpose of this meeting is to plan the best way for your child to achieve academic success in Semester Two.

Topics of discussion may involve an approach to education in the classroom, the importance and requirements of homework, comments or questions arising from Semester One report.

Sean W Smith

School and the Kinder Class jived, bopped and sang to the tuneful strains of Sean W Smith at Shepparton earlier this month. Students thoroughly enjoyed the day which was kindly hosted by Shepparton Christian College.

Lions Club Public Speaking Competition

All Year 3-6 students are to be congratulated on participating in the Lions Club Public Speaking Competition. The event was held at school with five Lion representatives and adjudicators present.

Mia Ham and Lucas Ham stood out amongst the students to progress to the Benalla District round to be held in July. Congratulations Mia and Lucas.

Last Day Celebrations

The last day of Term Two was celebrated with a casual dress day, garlic bread (made in Italian) and a slice of pizza to warm students up moving into the Winter Holidays.

 Hot Lunches Fridays - Returning Term 3

We are pleased to announce Hot Lunches are returning in Term 3.

Students will have the opportunity to order a hot lunch on Fridays from Decidedly Delicious Benalla.

More information and menu to come home on the first day of term 3.

School Banking Program 2018

The Commonwealth Bank School Banking Program will be available to ACC students from the start of Term 3. School Banking is a great way for young students to learn about money and develop good savings habits. To be involved your child just needs to have a Youth Saver Account with the Commonwealth Bank. Kindergarten children are welcome to participate as well.

Our school banking day will be Tuesday. A basket is provided outside the office on a Tuesday morning where students can drop off their deposit book. It will be processed and available for collection usually by Thursday morning.

Given this program is to encourage children to save we recommend they are actively involved in placing their own money into their deposit book. Large sums are not necessary and in fact we ask that deposits are kept at $10 and below for security reasons.

Our school does not participate in the rewards program (offered as part of the school banking program) students do, however, receive certificates after 10, 20 and 30 deposits have been made.

If your child would like to be involved in the program you can open a Youth Saver Account for them at a branch of the Commonwealth Bank or online (for existing CBA customers).

ACC Youth

This month ACC Youth have been meeting at school for fun indoor games, spotlight, food and fellowship.

Next meeting 20th July, 5.00-7.00pm @ School. Activities to be arranged

Marathon Challenge

We will be commencing our Marathon Challenge in the first week of Term Three. Our goal is 42km for all primary students (marathon distance). Students are encouraged to run 1km per day, with an additional km on sports days, for the next eight weeks to reach their target. Students have hit the ground running with their efforts so far.

Shepparton Running Festival

Students are encouraged to run a part of their distance at the Shepparton Running Festival on Sunday, 26th August. There is a 2km children’s Fun Run event. The school will cover the cost of entry for participating students. Families are welcome to join us on the day.

For the more adventurous, students could try out for the 5km, or even 10km, event. The Principal will be running in the marathon this year.

Marathon Challenge Medal Day

Marathon Challenge Medals will be presented on Wednesday, 29th August at 2.30. Parents and family are invited to attend. The presentation may include a fun running event or two, so, parents and staff, come prepared with your fasted runners and sports gear!

As this day is a celebration of student achievement, students are invited to wear any medals from any sport throughout the day.

Marathon Challenge Sponsorship

This year we are using the Marathon Challenge event to raise funds for Ignite Life Primary School in Gweri Village, Uganda.

Students have sponsorship forms inviting friends and family to sponsor each of their kilometers, or a donation, to assist this school with supplies for their 300+ students.

Sponsorship money and donations are required by Friday, 1st September.

 Dates to Remember in Term 3

Prep - Year 1 Class

We have had lots of visitors in our class in the last couple of weeks!!! We have been learning about animals and pets, their needs and how to care for them. The children have brought their pets to school to show us.

Suzanne Roe



Junior Class

We have had such a great end to this term. We gained three new friends in the class and we now have a record 19 students in Junior class. We celebrated birthdays and term’s end with a teddy bears’ picnic ( inside because of the rain), made garlic bread in Italian and had hot chips for lunch. The treasures and their teachers really enjoyed the day and we are looking forward to next term. Have a safe and happy holiday everyone.


Alison Stephens



Senior Class

This month we have been busy finishing off lots of aspects of the semester – units of work, projects, posters, speeches, etc. One of the things the students have enjoyed working on is their Health projects which outlined some of the students’ goals in their 10 year plan. It was wonderful to hear students’ career, family, social and personal goals and aspirations.

Leah Bosch

Senior Class Teacher



4 Year Old Kinder Class

I can’t believe that second term has already flown by. The children have grown so much. This term we have been focussing on the “Fruits of the Spirit” Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control. The children will be bringing home their books. They have put a lot of time and effort into their work to produce a special keepsake. Please read through it with them and take some time to have a chat about each page.

This term we have continued our much loved ‘Kinder at Cooinda’ program. We look forward to this each month. Thank you so much to the parents that helped with the program this term. Your help is extremely valuable and very much appreciated by the children, residents and staff.

We were lucky enough to be able to take a bus trip to Shepparton to see Sean W. Smith in concert, at Shepparton Christian College. This was a fabulous trip. We sang, danced and laughed. Maddie and Darcy got to go up on the stage and ‘rap’ with Sean W. Smith. Someof the songs we sang were, ‘Coca Cola Song’, ‘Stop and Listen to your Mum’, ‘Free’, ‘Share your Toys’ and ‘J.C. Workout’. Have a look on YouTube, some of his songs are on there and the children enjoy watching and singing along.

Next term is already packed full of fun. ‘Responsible Pet Ownership’ program. The next session of ‘Smiles for Miles’. This time it is ‘Drink Well’.‘Book week’, the theme this year is ‘Find Your Treasure’. We will have a ‘Father’s Night’ and look out for some fun with maths coming your way.

I hope you have a happy and safe holiday break and I look forward to seeing you in term 3.

Fiona Ham



3 Year Old Pre-Kinder Class

Each week over the first half of the year the children’s confidence has increased and friendships have strengthened.We are all now needing a winter break to get recharged for the second half of the year.Do you still remember those first hesitantweeksback in February??

Welcome to Claire Fitzgerald who has replaced Grace. The children have quickly connected with Claire and we look forward toworking together for the rest of the year.

Wendy Smith



Photos of You

Farewell to Grace in our 3 yr old Pre-Kinder

Enjoying Art in Buddy Time

School Service Talk by Mrs Stephens

Cross Country in Wangaratta

Ready for the Surf Coast Marathon


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