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Principal’s Message

I Can Only Imagine

“In my Father’s house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am,”
John 14.2-3.

The name of our production this year is ‘I Can Only Imagine.’ It is the name of a song made famous in Christian circles by the group Mercy Me. It was written by the bands lead singer, Bart Millard who, after his father died, wondered what it would be like to finally see Jesus face to face.

Our production ‘I Can Only Imagine’ takes that sense of wonder and explores the some of the Bible’s references on what it will be like when we see Jesus face to face.

Take the verses from John chapter fourteen, for example. Jesus talks about rooms in our Heavenly Father’s house. Jesus is preparing them for us and he will come back and take us there.

I wonder what the rooms will be like? What will be in them? What will we do there? Who will be there? Will we eat food like we do here? Will there be animals? How long is eternity?

So many questions to ask, but, for now, we can only imagine.

Norm Fitzgerald



Whole School

Parenting Tip of the Month – Lead from the front or drive from behind. What is your parenting style?

Shepherding techniques have changed dramatically over the years. In Jesus’ day, the shepherd led his sheep from the front, calling his sheep and inspiring them to follow him.

Today, shepherds drive their flocks from behind using barking dogs to push them along in the direction they want.

Leading or driving. Which way would you like to be led?

As parents, it is easy to bark at our children to do what we want. But from a child’s perspective, how much more inspiring is it if we see our parents leading from the front and being a great example to follow?

ACC Early Learners 2019

Our public launch of the new ACC Early Learners for 2019 was a huge success.We had a number of new families from the Benalla district attend to find out more about what we will be offering for 3 yr oldand 4 yr old children in 2019. Next year we will also be introducing Before and After school care to our school families - we were able to cover the details for this new venture also during the meeting.

A special part of the evening was screening our promotional testimonies from Kylie, Sarah and Lawrence.Thank you to our wonderful parents that were so willing to be filmed sharing their stories.

Lots of questions asked, lots of information explained. It was also a bonus to have our COO, Liz Hutton fly from NSW to attend and support this evening.

Great conversations……. Great Supper……. Great Night.

For more information and testimonial videos, see the ACC Early Learners website here.


Platinum Awards

Congratulations to Emma Hall who received her Platinum Award last Monday 30th July at our school service. Well done Emma.

100 days of Prep Celebration/Dress-up

To celebrate our 100th Day of school we would love to have the kids dress up like they were 100 years old.Below you will find a list of ideas to help you and your little one start planning for our fun filled day.

Ideas for Girls: Printed Skirt, Pearls, fake eye-glasses, sweater,

Wig or hair in bun, grey hair spray or white talc powder, knee high stockings, large purse, scarfe.

Ideas for boys: Button down shirt, fake or drawn on mustache, grey hair spray or talc powder, fake eye glasses, suspenders, flannel Shirt, drawn on beard, Tie, Bow Tie, oversized sweater.

Parents are invited to join us for counting, a craft and a special morning tea with a cake and lots of photos.

The celebrations are from 10am - 11:00am.Hope to see you all there.

Please see the list below and let me know if you are able to bring an item to share for morning tea.

Lions Club Public Speaking Competition

Congratulations to Mia and Lucas Ham on a great job at the Benalla District Lions Club Public Speaking Competition of local primary school students.

Hot Lunches on Fridays

Hot Lunches are back and running very well.

Studentshave the opportunity to order a hot lunch on Fridays from Decidedly Delicious Benalla.

Please write your child’s name, lunch order and enclose money in an envelope,paperbag or ziplock bag and place in the hot lunch basket at the school office door.

Lunches are delivered to the school at 1pm

If you have lost your menu, click here to download a copy.

School Banking Program 2018

Our school banking day is Tuesday. A basket is provided outside the office on a Tuesday morning where students can drop off their deposit book. It will be processed and available for collection usually by Thursday morning.

If your child would like to be involved in the program you can open a Youth Saver Account for them at a branch of the Commonwealth Bank or online (for existing CBA customers).

ACC Youth

Youth will be meeting at school on Fridays 3rd, 17th and 31st August from 5-7pm this month. Keep an eye on Google Calendar for any changes.

Science Week

Science week is a national, annual event that celebrates the life-changing and fascinating world of science.Our school students will work on a group engineering activity which incorporates the aspects of science, engineering and maths (STEM)

Creation Ministries International - Ark Van visit.

On Tuesday 14th August at 1:40pm we have the pleasure of hosting The Ark Van at school.

Rod and Nancy Walsh spearhead CMI–Australia’s dynamic traveling Ark Van ministry. Rod and Nancy spend many months of each year traveling to remote parts of Australia (and also overseas).

Rod is a model-builder and has painstakingly crafted seven separate Noah’s Ark models to scale. Each one conforms to the general biblical principles most creationists adhere to. According to Genesis 6:15, the Ark measured 300x50x30 cubits, which is about 140x23x14 metres. Its volume was 43,000 cubic metres. This is the same volume as 522 standard American railroad stock cars, each of which can hold 240 sheep in total. Part of Rod’s mission, when he felt prompted to build the ark models, was to help people understand how real the Ark was.We are very much looking forward to this visit.

Book Week Activities - “Find your Treasure” is our theme for 2018.

Our planning for Book Week celebrations between Monday 20th August and Friday 24th August are well underway. We have a number of highlights during the week -

Book Week Costume Parade: Thursday 23rd August at 9am

Students and staff can dress up following this year’s theme of ‘Find your treasure’ or they can dress up as their favourite book character. Costumes can be as creative or as simple as you like. Please remember to follow the Christian ethos of the school and please no witches / Harry Potter etc Costumes.

Start exploring ideas with your child now!

Shepparton Running Festival

Students are encouraged to run a part of their distance at the Shepparton Running Festival on Sunday, 26th August. There is a 2km children’s Fun Run event. The school will cover the cost of entry for participating students. Families are welcome to join us on the day.

For the more adventurous, students could try out for the 5km, or even 10km, event. The Principal will be running in the marathon this year.

More information will come home soon.

Marathon Challenge Medal Day

Marathon Challenge Medals will be presented on Wednesday, 29th August at 2.30. Parents and family are invited to attend. The presentation may include a fun running event or two, so, parents and staff, come prepared with your fasted runners and sports gear!

As this day is a celebration of student achievement, students are invited to wear any medals from any sport throughout the day.

Marathon Challenge Sponsorship

This year we are using the Marathon Challenge event to raise funds for Ignite Life Primary School in Gweri Village, Uganda.

Students have sponsorship forms inviting friends and family to sponsor each of their kilometers, or a donation, to assist this school with supplies for their 300+ students.

Sponsorship money and donations are required by Friday, 1st September.

Father’s Day Breakfast– Thursday 30th August

We are again holding our Annual Father’s Day Breakfast this year. We invite fathers, grandfathers, stepfathers and significant father-figures in our children’s lives to enjoy breakfast with us on this day. Breakfast will commence at 7.30am for the early birds. This is for all father’s of school and kinder children.Invitations will be sent home soon with RSVP slip to help us with catering.

Small School Athletic Carnival – FRIDAY 31st August

The Athletics Carnival date has been set and we are well underway with preparing our students to do their best.

On this day we will require assistance to run events and ask any volunteers to contact Lynne in the office.

We hope you will be able to join us for this fun athletic event and cheer our school students on as they compete.

Dates to Remember in Term 3

Prep - Year 1 Class

In Integrated Studiesthe children willlearning about the weather. Last week we learnt about the wind and made colourful wind socks in Art. This week we have been looking at the clouds and different types of clouds… and there has been plenty to see!!! Next week we will be looking at the rain!!!

Suzanne Roe



Junior Class

The Junior Class is looking forward to presenting a play to the playgroup for our Book WeekCelebrations. The treasures have been industriously sewing their own costumes and making props during their Art sessions. We are all excited to be able to be part of the Little Footprints in this way.


Alison Stephens



Senior Class

This term so far the students have enjoyed working on their marathon challenge (among other things!). The students are challenged to run a total of 7km a week at school to calculate 42km over a 6 week period. It’s great to see the kids out and about, keeping fit and active (and warm!) first thing in the morning!

Leah Bosch

Senior Class Teacher



4 Year Old Kinder Class

We have only been back a short time and already we have achieved so much. We are focussing on “Healthy Eating” this term. We have made Spinach and Ricotta Pastries and Spinach Risotto. Both of these were made using the spinach from our veggie patch. The children helped pick the spinach, chop it up and make the food. All children tried the food. We will continue with our health cooking. Some items that will appear on the menu are vegetable soup and savoury muffins.

The Magic Lunchbox is in full swing. The children have enjoyed seeing what other children bring to kinder for snack and lunch. We have talked about what the magic lunch box likes, what we should eat every day and what sometimes foods are. The children have enjoyed reading “The Magic Lunchbox” in kinder. I hope you enjoy reading it at home with your children. I do have a spare copy that I am happy to lend out even if your child doesn’t have the Magic Lunchbox.



Fiona Ham



3 Year Old Pre-Kinder Class

The pre kinder children are very proud of their canvas art works.This involved the children in a three part process. Firstly using the masking tape to cover over their letter, followed by using the dot markers to cover their whole canvas.When the paint had dried the children enjoyed peeling the masking tape offand ‘wow’their letter appeared.Early literacy activity and so much fun.

Wendy Smith



Photos of You

Monday Morning School Service - Follow the directions theme


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