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Principal’s Message

Is Temptation a Sin?

“No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.”
1 Corinthians 10:13.

I asked a question of the Senior Class a few weeks ago: ‘Who thinks being tempted is a sin?’

Everyone put their hands up. What would your answer be?

The answer is: No, temptation is not a sin.

Jesus was tempted in the wilderness by Satan himself, yet was without sin.

It is not in being tempted that is a sin, but what we do with it.

We could deal with temptation in the right way and not sin, just like Jesus.

However, we could buckle under the pressure of temptation and be drawn into sin.

The passage above gives us a clear understanding that we will all be tempted, and that that temptation is not unique to us but is common to others.

It also gives us a clear understanding that our loving God has His hand on the situation by giving us a way out, and the ability to withstand temptation.

Temptation will come your way again sooner or later. How will you deal with it?

If you ask for God’s help, he will lead you through to a victorious end.

Norm Fitzgerald

Whole School

Parenting Tip of the Month:

Teach your child to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’

We often overlook the value of three simple words like, ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’ How pleasant it is when others use them when asking or receiving something from us.

However, saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ is a skill a child learns.

You, as a parent, are a role model for using these words.

And, because you are around your child more than any other, you are in the best position to expect it from your child when communicating with you, and others.

It is a delight when children at school shows respect and thankfulness by saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to fellow students and adults.

Cooinda and End of Term Concerts

Thank you to students and staff who worked hard to present a spirited concert to Cooinda residents, parents, families and friends.

Cooinda residents were delighted at the children’s shining faces.

Parents, families and friends were well entertained with song, puppets and drama carrying the message of Easter.

Jump Rope for Heart – Jump-off

Our first JRFH Jump Off was a resounding success this year.

Students displayed their skipping talents and energy to parents in blistering heat in the final week of Term 1 which included numerous tricks including cross-over, arm-wraps, hopping and turning.

Parents and staff got into the act with the long-anticipated Jump-Off Challenge as Adults tried to wrestle the Student/Adult Trophy off the students for the first time ever.

The Jump-Off commenced with a student skip-off to select three students who would then take on the Adults. Dante, Kyle and James lasted the longest and entered the Challenge.

Staff and parents then battled to be in the top three with Miss Bosch, Mrs Stephens and Mr Fitzgerald successful in their bids to enter the Challenge.

It then came down to the final challenge where the Student or Adult who scored the highest number of skips would clinch the trophy for their side.

James and Kyle jumped with impressive totals.

Miss Bosch and Mrs Stephens surprised all with their tenacity and fitness, both jumping in excess of 120 and 130. Mr Fitzgerald was quietly confident he did not need to jump at all.

It was down to Dante who jumped and jumped and jumped until he reached a massive total of 193.

Could Mr Fitzgerald beat that? Alas, he faltered shortly after reaching 100 and the Trophy fell yet again to the Students.

Until next time, students…

Our students also blew the lid off our fundraising total. A target of $700 was set at the beginning, however, our students have excelled raising in excess of $2500 for the Heart Foundation. Well done to our top fundraisers Mackenzie, Brianna and Jaxon. Twenty other students registered online and some brought in cash to the Office. It is not too late to give through our JRFH website https://jumprope.heartfoundation.org.au/2018/Australian_Christian_College_Hume_-_Benalla_-_VIC_-_139735.

Thanks to all students who participated and raised money. Thanks to parents and friends who contributed.

Stations of the Cross

This year on the last Day of Term 1 our whole school had the inspirational opportunity of participating in an Easter Reflective Walk.  Students read the Biblical narrative of the final steps of Jesus as he journeyed to the Cross to die for our sins, beginning with the Garden of Gethsemane and finishing with the empty tomb. At this last station we celebrated the fact that Jesus was not dead but ALIVE, and with us today!

What a great way to enter into the holidays and the Easter Weekend; reflecting on the true message of Easter.  It was a bonus to have so many families and friends join with us in this walk.

Term 2 Events on Google Calendar

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Harmony Day

The school community were delighted to participate and share in an international feast featuring food from around the world on Harmony Day. Students were encouraged to try something new as well as enjoy the rich flavours of other cultures. A big thanks go to parents, staff and students who cooked, baked and contributed to the diversity we experienced on the day.

Senior Class

Wow! What a busy month it has been! The students have been incredibly industrious and we have learnt so much!

Earlier in March, we were very fortunate to have author Craig Dent come visit us again and workshop with the children. They were able to piece together the beginnings of a verse of poetry for his newest book ‘The Owl Who Could not Tell Time’ which is due to be published later this year. Craig also brought his illustrator along with him and the students enjoyed making pictures to match their part of the story.

This term, the students have been busy learning about natural disasters, and specifically, earthquakes and what causes them. We learnt that there are three types of ways the tectonic plates can move, each movement creating a different result. The students were able to experience this first hand in our Mars Bar science experiment - the thin layer of chocolate on top acted as the tectonic plates in the earth’s crust, while the caramel represented the molten lava in the earth's mantle. The students saw what happened when the plates push against each other, move away from each other and slide past each other.

Leah Bosch
Senior Class Teacher

Junior Class

The Junior Class Treasures have continued to delight us all with their enthusiasm for learning. They have practised research skills and made posters about Australia’s natural and human features, learnt about water safety and the importance of sleep to their health. Reading has been an important daily feature with students engaging with Roald Dahl and Beatrix Potter. A favourite Art project was the recycling of a stainless steel sink, an old pine bed and pallet timbers to make a kitchen for the sandpit. I was very impressed with the design skills which many students displayed.

Our Harmony Day activities were also well supported by the wonderful parents who made food from their cultural heritage and shared it with the students, who worked really hard to help prepare the dishes and experience different foods.


Alison Stephens

Prep - Year 1 Class

This week the Prep/One class have been enjoying participating in various Easter activities, including an art cross scratchy, maths worksheets and activities, learning about the Easter story, performing in a Concert at Cooinda, as well the School Concert, an Easter egg hunt with their big buddies, making baskets and the stations of the cross. Wishing you all a Holy Easter and a restful holiday.

Suzanne Roe

ACC Youth

Water Wars

It was a hot day and Water Wars was a great way to keep Youth cool. However, students made sure that one of the teachers was the wettest on the night.

Windsurfing at Yarrawonga

Windsurfing was a great way to finish the term and the end to Daylight Saving. We all learnt new skills in perfect light wind conditions, ideal for our first time at windsurfing.

Have a look at Google Calendar for updates on events in Term 2 as they come to hand.


4 Year Old Kinder Class

Term 1 has flown by and we can't believe it is already over. It has also been a very busy term and we have achieved so much. We finished learning about the 7 days of creation. “God saw all that he had made and it was very good. So in the seventh day he rested.” We marked this occasion with breakfast and wearing our pyjamas to kinder. It was a fun day but an exciting way to remember all that God has done.

We have been getting ready for Easter.  We have been roller painting eggs, with the children learning  a new skill and having  a  go at tipping from side to side but also backwards and forwards. The children  also scratched a scene from  Good Friday.  These are displayed in the kinder and they look fabulous.  The children now know the story of Easter extremely well after making their own set of resurrection eggs. Please be sure to spend some time asking your child about what is in each egg and what it means.

We have finished the term with an even busier week. On Monday we went to Cooinda with the school and wowed the residents with our singing and dancing. They thoroughly enjoyed our Easter concert. On Tuesday we went back to Cooinda  for our “Kinder at Cooinda” program.  Once again we did puzzles, read books, ate together and we sang and danced together. We also made a cross that we filled in with cellophane.

I would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter and a safe and restful holidays. We look forward to seeing you back here in term 2 ready for some more fun and learning.

Fiona Ham

3 Year Old Pre-Kinder Class

Hard to believe first term is over. Grace and I have enjoyed getting to know your children as we develop the program around their interests.  We are pleased  to welcome the Parker family to ACC Hume. Emma has joined our group recently and has easily settled into the kinder routine.

For the past few weeks  the children have been experiencing some Easter related activities and hearing the Easter message.  They have enjoyed making ‘stain glass windows’,  scratchboards, collage, egg rolling, chocolate scented playdough and loads of other child directed play inside and outside.

We’ve had a great term of play and learning.  Enjoy the break and we’ll see you all back on Friday 20th April.

Wendy Smith

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