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Principal’s Message

Kind Words

“An anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up.”
Proverbs 12.25.

Who does not go through life with their share of anxiety, concerns or worry?

There is a solution.

Kind words.

You may not be in charge of the ‘kind words’ that someone says to you. But you are in charge of the words that you say to others.

Remember, everyone is contending with anxiety of one form or another in life and you have the opportunity to make a difference in their life by saying something kind.

If you do, you will make their day. A kind word cheers them up and ministers to their anxiety.

If we all practice this rule, what a wonderful place we would live in. And we, too, will reap the benefit as others are kind to us.

Norm Fitzgerald

Whole School

Welcome to our New Students and Families

Our school community welcomes new students Ben, Alison and Joana Rogers with mum Melissa to Year 3, Prep and 3 Year Old Kinder respectively. We also welcome back Lawrence Donaldson who enters the Prep class also. We trust you will have a great educational and community experience with us.

Father’s Day Breakfast

Thank you to the many dads who supported our Father’s Day Breakfast. The weather was spectacular and the BBQ was very busy pumping out bacon and egg rolls.

Small Schools Athletics Carnival

We were very proud of our students on this day as all participated to the best of their ability and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Congratulations to our Age Group Champions: Arabella Beaton, Finley Draper and Sebastian Van de Paverd. Arabella was also crowned the Girls Sprint Champion. Thanks to all the parents who attended, in particular, those who assisted with running the event.

Marathon Challenge

Thirteen students achieved success by passing the 21km, Half Marathon, mark of our challenge. Well done to our Half Marathoners.

A total of thirty students completed the distance of 42km to receive their Marathon medals. This is an exceptional effort.

You should notice that your child is fitter, healthier and more alert because of their running efforts this term.

We also raised $1059.20 for Ignite Life Primary School in Uganda. It is understood that our funds will go towards sports and playground equipment for the 300+ students. Well done to our school community.

Shepparton Running Festival - Sunday 27th August

We had a great turn out with 20 students from our school community participating in the 2, 5 and 10km runs. Well done to Kyle for coming first in his age group for the 5km event.

Marathon Challenge Medal Day – Monday 4th September

Mansfield Zoo

On Thursday 14th September, 4 year old Kinder and the Junior class will be heading to the Mansfield Zoo for the day. This fits perfectly in with the Junior class’s study of animals and habitats. The students will leave school at 9am and return by 3pm.

A permission slip has already gone out. All students are to wear their sport uniform with gumboots and waterproof jacket (with a hood if possible). Please do not allow the students to bring umbrellas. We are looking forward to a great day!

Operation BBG (Bullies Be Gone!) - Tuesday 19th September

Remember to keep our production night free.

And, to add another dimension, the seating will be cabaret-style with the opportunity for families to bring some nibble to graze on during the performance.

Operation BBG will be performed at the Glass House, Benalla, on Tuesday 19th September commencing 6.30pm.

Samaritan’s Purse Shoe Boxes

Thank you to all the families that have filled Shoeboxes. If you are still filling a shoebox at home remember it is not too late.

All shoeboxes are due back the last week of Term 3 on Monday 18th September.


Platinum Awards

Congratulations to the following students for achieving a Platinum Award:

Xavier Rhodes and Georgia Van De Paverd.


Congratulations also to Sienna Jackson, Isaac Mason, Mario Golousov and Kara Goodley for achieving their Platinum Awards.

Yr3-6 Urban Camp, Melbourne

Camp forms are now out and due back on Friday 15th September. Please ensure you return forms and payment by this date to secure our bookings for accommodation and attractions.

Calendar Change

In order to accommodate the School Camping Program there have been two significant changes made to the Term 4 Calendar:

Senior Class

Time is drawing close with now less than two weeks before all Senior Class students pull together their hard-earnt work on the school production ‘Operation BBG.’ We have had some last minute changes to include our new senior student, Ben who stepped into his part with seasoned confidence. We are looking forward to put our hard work on display to the school community.

Norm Fitzgerald
Senior Class Teacher

Prep (Foundation)

This week the Prep class made history! The class now has 11 students, with the inclusion of Alison and Lawrence. This is the largest group of Preps/Foundation in the history of the school.

It has been a very exciting fortnight with lots of activities. We have had dress-up day and visited the town library for Book Week, Father’s Day breakfast as well as making gifts and cards and wrapping presents for Father’s Day, Athletics Carnival, as well as, trying on our costume and play rehearsals. In amongst all these activities we have continued to learn our multiple letter and sound combinations and learn how to read, write and compute simple addition and subtraction equations.

Suzanne Roe
Foundation Teacher

Year 1 & 2

We have had a busy fortnight in Year 1/2 with many things happening. The students have been working on their Marathon Challenges as well as finishing their animal projects and dioramas in class. This week, they have been presenting them and it’s been wonderful to see all the children’s hard work and effort come to fruition. The dioramas and posters are on display in the classroom (and some in the front office), so feel free to pop in and have a look.

Last week we learnt about time. Students enjoyed a range of activities and games to practice telling the time on analogue and digital clocks.

Leah Bosch
Year 1/2 Teacher

ACC Youth 

Board Games/Indoor Ninja Warrior Challenge

Our Board Games night ended up being an Indoor Ninja Warrior Challenge. Looks like we had more energy after our Athletics Carnival than we thought

Next Event: Mystery Pyjama Movie Night

Our intended activity, Inflatable World, has been put on hold as it is not open on Friday nights.

Instead, there will be a Mystery Pyjama Movie Night held at ACC, 5.00-7.00pm. Wear your pyjamas, bring a blanket and snuggle down for a movie night. No cost.


4 Year Old Kinder

Another busy fortnight has flown by. We had our monthly visit to Cooinda. This visit being my favourite by far. The children are starting to develop friendships with the Cooinda residents and the residents are asking to sit with the children they sat with last time. It is very lovely to see. One of the most popular activities this time round was the children showing the residents books we had made at Kinder that had photos of us and the residents also had books of photos of them. One of the residents Tony made a rocking chair out of pegs and gave it to Kinder. It is very special. We are all looking forward to our next visit.

Another highlight of our busy fortnight was our Fathers/Grandfathers/Special friend Night. We all had a lovely time together. The dads were able to join in with some of the children’s favourite activities. We then shared the colour song together before getting the dads up to join in and do the chicken dance with us. It is one of our favourites. Finally, we shared a story together before going home. It was a lovely night. Thank you to all the dads, poppys and Luke for coming and sharing this special evening with us.

On Thursday 14th September, we are joining the Junior class on an excursion to the Mansfield Zoo for the day. We will be leaving Kinder at 9am sharp (please don’t be late) and we will return by 3pm (please note the later pick up time).

A permission slip has already gone out for this. All students are to wear their full Kinder uniform with gumboots and a waterproof jacket (with a hood if possible). Please do not allow the students to bring umbrellas. We are looking forward to a great day!

Fiona Ham
4 Year Old Kinder Teacher

3 Year Old Pre-Kinder

Father’s Day gifts have been lovingly made and delivered. We hope you all enjoyed your day and the special memories made for you.

We have a new Kinder pet called “Humphrey”. The children are building up their confidence to hold Humphrey ever so carefully just in case he nips them!

Our class is slowly growing as we welcome Joana to our Friday mornings. Joana has settled in quickly and made friends with everyone.

Wendy Smith
Pre Kinder Teacher

Photo Gallery

Sports Day


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