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Principal’s Message

 Be Joyful Always

“Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”
1 Thessalonians 5.16-18.

Our students know these verses inside-out because it is the heart and soul of our school production, Operation BBG (Bullies Be Gone!). I guarantee you that your child will be able to sing it to you upon request.

These words were penned by the Apostle Paul and are a reminder to the church at Thessalonica to maintain a hopeful, faith-building attitude at all times whilst keeping their eyes fixed on the Lord Jesus Christ.

We can do the same when we are connected to Jesus.

He is the one who saved us through his sacrificial death on the cross in place of our sins. He is the one who conquered sin and death to lead us into an eternal relation with our Heavenly Father.

Every one of us will experience challenges as we pass through life, because we all live in a sinful and fallen world. However, if we have our eyes fixed on the hope that Jesus has given us we too can turn our sorrow into joy and our difficulties into thanksgiving as we pray through every step we take in faith.

Our prayer is that the students of Australian Christian College are transformed by the words of these verses so that they can navigate the difficulties that lie ahead and become joyful, prayerful and thankful students. If they do, it will give them the resilience to handle the knocks of life and propel them to succeed in what God has for them to do.

Norm Fitzgerald

Whole School

Father’s Day Breakfast – Thursday 31st August

We are again holding our Father’s Day Breakfast this year. We invite fathers, grandfathers, stepfathers and significant father-figures in our children’s lives to enjoy breakfast with us on this day. Breakfast will commence at 7.30am for the early birds.

Small Schools Athletics Carnival – Friday 1st September

The Athletics Carnival date has been set and we are underway with preparing our students to do their best.

We will on this day require assistance to run events and ask any volunteers to contact Lynne in the office.

We hope you will be able to join us for this fun event.

Marathon Challenge

We are well underway with our Marathon Challenge. Our goal is 42kms for all primary students (marathon distance). Some students have clocked up the Half Marathon distance (21kms) already with many hot on their heals.

Shepparton Running Festival - Sunday 27th August

Students will be bringing home a form to confirm whether they will be coming to the Shepparton Running Festival on 27th August.

The school will pay for the entry of any child entering the 2km Fun Run. Students who wish to participate in the 5km or 10km can enter themselves, or through the school, however, the cost of entry is to be covered by the family.

Hope to see you there.

Marathon Challenge Sponsorship - Due Friday 1st September

This year we are using the Marathon Challenge event to raise funds for Ignite Life Primary School in Gweri Village, Uganda.

Students have sponsorship forms inviting friends and family to sponsor each of their kilometers, or a donation, to assist this school with supplies for their 300+ students.

Marathon Challenge Medal Day – Monday 4th September (Date Change)

The Marathon Challenge Medals date has been changed due to the Athletics Carnival and will commence at 2.30pm. Parents and family are invited to attend. The presentation may include a fun running event or two, so, parents and staff, come prepared with your fasted runners and sports gear!

As this day is a celebration of student achievement, students are invited to wear any medals from any sport throughout the day.

Operation BBG (Bullies Be Gone!) - Tuesday 19th September

Come and find out when you see ACC Hume’s production… Operation BBG (Bullies Be Gone!)

Operation BBG will be performed at the Glass House, Benalla, on Tuesday 19th September commencing 6.30pm.

Mark this date and time in your diary today.

Samaritan’s Purse Shoe Boxes

The shoe boxes are due back the last week of Term 3 on Monday 18th September.

If you decide not to use your shoe box already sent home, could you please return to school as someone else may appreciate a second box. Any further questions can be directed to Wendy Smith.

Book Week 2017: Escape to Everywhere

Our planning for Book Week celebrations between Monday 21st August and Friday 25th August are well underway. A highlight will be our Book Week Costume Parade on Thursday 24th August at 9am.

This year our special Guest Judge will be Mrs Debbie Saunders from the Benalla Library.  

Students and staff will dress up following this year’s theme of ‘Escape to Everywhere’. Costumes can be as creative or as simple as you like. Start exploring ideas with your child now!

Examples might be:

I hope this gives you an idea and gets you excited!

Staff are planning a range of engaging activities for this week for our students including a visit to our town Library.


“On my return from hospital I was told of how the school students and staff had caringly prayed for me in the Monday School Service - and for that I am deeply thankful.

At the very time of your prayers I was in a deep, deep sleep while the surgeon was operating to repair a hernia. I had been told I would probably be very groggy and tender when I came out of the anaesthetic, but when I was awoken from my sleep, I was amazed at just how alive I felt!

After a night in hospital I was allowed to go home to recuperate. The Ham family has very generously given me a recliner chair to spend my first few days, and others have visited with thoughtful gifts (chocolate!) to speed my recovery. I am now venturing on short range walks to build up my strength again.

Thank you to you all. God is a loving Father who cares for us even more than we care for our own children (amazing!), and He invites us to participate in that through prayer and other means.

I keenly look forward to being back with you, students and staff very soon.

Thank you.”
~ Jeff Knight

School House

Williams (blue)

John Williams was a British Missionary with the London Missionary Society.

Born in 1796, he was sent to Tahiti at age 21, when there were very few Christians. In a very short time he learned the language so well that he began discussing with the island Chief ways to spread the message of Jesus through all the surrounding islands.

His proposed strategy was to send out Tahitians who had not long become Christians. After some ‘mentoring’, these new indigenous Christians went out as ‘teachers’ to make converts of their own.  They would eagerly travel to these islands with great boldness and enthusiasm.

Christianity spread quickly throughout Polynesia. In just seven years half the island of Samoa (20,000 people) professed Christ.

John Williams was killed in the New Hebrides in 1839, while seeking to bring Christ to the people.  



Platinum Awards

Congratulations to Mia Ham and Oliver Hall. One week later we also congratulated the following students for reaching their platinum awards:

Hayley Pearce, Felicity Mason, Carli Cole, Madeline Watson, N.D. Cole, Ruby Ham and Calvin Draper.

Term 4 Camping Program

Over the last few years we have been establishing an appropriate camping program that benefits each year level in our school. The details of camps for this year are as follows:


Proposed Date: Thursday 19th October

Cost and program to be arranged.

Years 1-2 Sleep Over

Proposed Date: Thursday 19th October (Finishing Friday morning at 9.00am)

Cost and program to be arranged.

Years 3-6 Urban Camp, Melbourne

Dates: Monday-Wednesday, 9th-11th October

Cost: Approx $250 (Approximately $125 for families with HCC who have applied for Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund)

Program will include: Aquarium, Parliament House, Melbourne Star Observation Wheel, Scienceworks (with Electrical Show and Planetarium), MCG, National Sports Museum Tour and Melbourne Zoo.

Calendar Change

In order to accommodate the School Camping Program there have been two significant changes made to the Term 4 Calendar:

Senior Class

The Senior Class welcome three new members this fortnight: Audrey and Hannah into Year 3 and Rebecca into Year 5. We congratulated Mia and Oliver for a wonderful effort in their Lions Club Public Speaking Competition representing our school. Oliver came Runners-Up in the Years 5-6 category, well done. We also worked hard to hone our acting and playing skills as we prepare for the block-buster production Operation BBG.

Norm Fitzgerald
Senior Class Teacher

Prep (Foundation)

This week we celebrated 100 Days of learning at school. The children showcased some of their learning of sounds and counting before making a 100 Day hat, complete with 100 stars. This was followed by the presentation of certificates, a special cake made by Mrs Knight and a party morning tea with parents.

Suzanne Roe
Foundation Teacher

Year 1 & 2

Last week, the Year 2 students had the privilege of visiting the 4-year-old Kinder and the Playgroup to play ‘Song of Joy’ on glockenspiel. This fit in perfectly with this term’s Playgroup music theme. The Year 2s loved being able to play for others and it was a great opportunity for them to show what they had been working on in their music classes with Mr Fitzgerald.

As a Year 1/2 class, we have continued on with the music theme and are busy preparing for our Book Week play which is centred around the book ‘I am the Music Man.’ This will occur in Week 6 of this term and all students are very much looking forward to it.

Leah Bosch
Year 1/2 Teacher

ACC Youth 

Putt & Glow Mini Golf

Students had a great time navigating the course of Putt & Glow Mini Golf. There were a few memorable hole-in-ones, but the most memorable was the fun we had with friends.

ACC Dark Games: Friday 11th August

Should be fun!

Youth Alive, Wodonga: Friday 18th August

This will mark our first big trip away with ACC Youth. Youth Alive has been on the go for decades, entertaining young people with awesome contemporary Christian music and enthusiastic motivational speakers. A night not to be missed by our younger generation.

Permission Forms and $5 entry required.


4 Year Old Kinder

The children are well on the way to reaching their target of 60 laps with their running. The children in Uganda will certainly appreciate all of our hard work. It is also a great lead into the Shepparton running festival on Sunday 27th August. Many children from the school will be running in the fun run, 2km around the Shepparton Lake. Some of the children and staff will tackle something a little more challenging and complete in the 5km Breast Cancer run around the lake. Please feel free to join us on the day. All information can be found online or speak to myself or Lynne in the office for more information.

We had Grace (Jonathan’s Mum) visit us at Kinder to teach us about Indian culture. She brought in the traditional Indian Sari and showed us how to put it on. She also put the Sari on me. It was lovely. A beautiful colour and gorgeous feeling fabric with lots of sparkle. We then made Indian flags in Kinder. Come in and have a look. Thank you Grace.

This week we had The Dental Van visit us and the Smiles for Miles program for this term. This week we learnt about ‘drinking well’ or drinking water. Drinking water is so important for so many things, looking after our teeth, staying healthy and keeping hydrated. It is also important for our brain development. The dental van was also fascinating. All children go to visit the van and have a look at all the equipment. Some children also got to be examined by our happy and friendly dentist. What a great program this is.

You will have noticed the new addition to our outdoor play space. We now have a bridge! We also have another bench seat, which we added to our sensory garden. Thanks again to Andrew Ham for building our bench seat. Our sensory garden is slowly coming together and the children are enjoying playing in that area. Once the weather warms up we will not keep them off there!

Finally, please save the date: Monday 4th August is Father’s night at Kinder. It will be from 6.00pm to 7.00pm. More information will come home via the children.

Fiona Ham
4 Year Old Kinder Teacher

3 Year Old Pre-Kinder

This week at Kinder the children enjoyed the sensory experience of slime. What fun and so easy to do at home. It’s just lux flakes and hot water!

Wendy Smith
Pre Kinder Teacher



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