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Principal’s Message


“A generous man will himself be blessed, for he shares his food with the poor.”
Proverbs 22.9

We are encouraging our students to be generous this term.

Our school will again be participating in Operation Christmas Child where students fill a shoebox with gifts for children in less fortunate circumstances. What a blessing for a child in an impoverished country to receive items that our children take for granted.

We are also raising funds for Ignite Life Primary School in Gweri Village, Uganda, through sponsorship and donations raised by our students running 42kms in eight weeks. This school was started by a church from Yarrawonga seven years ago and now has over 300 students. Over thirty of these students are orphans and live at the school. Our donations will continue to build this school as a much needed educational institution in a poor village, and a safe haven for abandoned children.

In our final week this term, our students will be performing in our school production, “Operation BBG” (Bullies Be Gone!). Much time and effort is put into pulling off a whole school production. But it is again an opportunity for our students to give of their time and effort to put a smile on the faces of the audience.

Our encouragement to you is to support your child as they give. They do so for the benefit of others, but look again at this what Proverb says: If someone gives generously they will receive a blessing in return.

If we bless others, we too will be blessed.

Norm Fitzgerald

Whole School

New Enrolments

We are delighted to welcome three new students to our school on Monday 31st July.

Rebecca Humphries and Hannah Humphries are known to our school community already as they are the older sisters to Sophie who is in our 4 year old kinder class.

Audrey Walker is our third new student. We welcome Audrey and her parents Justine and Geoff to our school community and trust they will settle in very well and enjoy making new friends. Please say hello to them when you meet them in the school yard.

All three girls will be in the Senior class with Mr Fitzgerald.

We also had the pleasure to welcome a new family into our Pre-Kinder class last Friday.  

Hudson Smith joined our pre-kinder group and is a delightful new addition to Wendy and Grace’s class.

We welcome Hudson’s parents Glen and Olivia and little brother Miller to our school family, and look forward to sharing your educational journey together.

Noah Lam

The school welcomes the arrival of Noah Lam into the world. Noah is the second son of Judy and Hoa Lam, and brother to Nathanael.

Judy will be on Maternity Leave until Term 3, 2018.

Operation BBG - School Production

Rehearsals are now in full swing for our school production Operation BBG (Bullies Be Gone!). The production has a part for all 4 year old kinder and school students.

Here is the wrap…

Outpost Point Secondary College is your average everyday secondary school full of everyday teachers, everyday students, and gangs and bullies. Mean gangs and bullies. And that’s just life at Outpost Point Secondary College.


Something rocks the world at Outpost Point. They have a new principal. She’s stern, she’s scary, she’s mean and she’s got a mission to stamp out bullying.

You don’t want to cross her. She’ll put your teeth on edge just like a sour … well, I don’t know. And her name? She is the positively petrifying Principal Plum!

How do the bullies cope with their new principal? Will students die from fright when they see her? Is there an end to weeks, months, years of detention? Does Principal Plum rid Outpost Point of gangs and bullies? What is Principal Plum’s secret plot? What is Operation BBG?

Come and find out when you see ACC Hume’s production… Operation BBG (Bullies Be Gone!)

Operation BBG will be performed at the Glass House, Benalla, on Tuesday, 19th September commencing 6.30pm.

Mark this date and time in your diary today.

Marathon Challenge

We are well underway with our Marathon Challenge. Our goal is 42km for all primary students (marathon distance). Students are encouraged to run 1km per day, with an additional km on sports days, for the next eight weeks to reach their target. Students have hit the ground running with their efforts so far.

Shepparton Running Festival

Students are encouraged to run a part of their distance at the Shepparton Running Festival on Sunday, 27th August. There is a 2km children’s Fun Run event. The school will cover the cost of entry for participating students. Families are welcome to join us on the day.

For the more adventurous, students could try out for the 5km, or even 10km, event. Due to injury, the Principal will not be running in the marathon this year, but hopes to participate in one of the shorter races.

Marathon Challenge Medal Day

Marathon Challenge Medals will be presented on Friday 1st September at 2.30. Parents and family are invited to attend. The presentation may include a fun running event or two, so, parents and staff, come prepared with your fasted runners and sports gear!

As this day is a celebration of student achievement, students are invited to wear any medals from any sport throughout the day.

Marathon Challenge Sponsorship

This year we are using the Marathon Challenge event to raise funds for Ignite Life Primary School in Gweri Village, Uganda.

Students have sponsorship forms inviting friends and family to sponsor each of their kilometers, or a donation, to assist this school with supplies for their 300+ students.

Sponsorship money and donations are required by Friday 1st September.

Operation Christmas Child

This week at ACC we have launched Operation Christmas Child (a project of Samaritan’s Purse).

It’s a very simple idea … You simply take a shoebox and fill it with a range of inexpensive gifts for a boy or girl in the age group of your choice.

This program, which began in 1993, is one of the largest children’s evangelical projects in the world. Through Operation Christmas Child groups are encouraged to think about the thousands of suffering and under privileged children around the world. We have so much and take our wealth for granted. All the students and many parents gathered together at Monday’s service and were inspired by moving DVD footage. The students were encouraged to spend some of their pocket money while thinking of others and what it means to be generous.

We hope you enjoy getting behind this project, you are sure to be blessed as you bless others.

Boxes are due back the last week of Term 3 on Monday 18th September.

If you decide not to use your shoe box already sent home, could you please return to school as someone else may appreciate a second box. Any further questions can be directed to Wendy Smith.

Book Week 2017: Escape to Everywhere  

We are beginning to gear up for our Book Week celebrations between Monday 21st August and Friday 25th August. A highlight will be our Book Week Costume Parade on Thursday 24th August.  

Students and staff will dress up following this year’s theme of ‘Escape to Everywhere’. Costumes can be as creative or as simple as you like. Start exploring ideas with your child now!

Examples might be:

I hope this gives you an idea and gets you excited!

Staff are planning a range of engaging activities for this week for our students.

Foundation/Prep 100 Days of School

On the 8th August the Foundation students will have been at school for 100 days! We are having a special morning tea, cake and activities to celebrate the event. Foundation parents are invited to come along and help celebrate.

Date: Tuesday 8th August

Time: 10:00-11:00am

Livingston - School House (Green)

Dr. David Livingston was one of the most popular and famous missionaries of the 1800’s.  

He was born in Scotland in 1813, the son of a shopkeeper. Though starting work at just age 10, he managed to educate himself and go on to University to study medicine and theology in order to become a missionary doctor.

Before the age of 30, he began to explore uncharted Africa and discovered the Victoria Falls.

After being missing for several years, H M Stanley of the New York Herald, set out in 1871 to look for him. Upon finally finding him, Stanley greeted him with the immortal words "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?"

Having nearly lost his life several times, Dr. Livingstone died from Malaria a year and a half later in 1873, kneeling beside his bed in prayer.


Platinum Awards

Congratulations to Imogen Jones who was our first recipient of the Platinum Award on the last day of Term 2.

Lucas Ham and Arabella Beaton were hot on Imogen’s heals with both receiving Platinums this fortnight. Well done Lucas and Arabella.

Cross Country - State Finals

Last Thursday Kyle Pearce travelled to Bundoora to compete in the state finals of the 9/10 year old boys 2km cross country race. We are excited to report that Kyle ran a personal best time of 8 minutes, 4 seconds (previous best 8 minutes, 40 seconds) - super effort!  

Kyle was placed 69th in a field of the best in the state, running in very wet and cold conditions.

Well done Kyle!

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Parents will be contacted by their child’s Home Group teacher to invite them to an interview early this semester.

This is an opportunity to raise questions about their Semester One report, homework or intended program for Semester 2.

Senior Class

‘Operation BBG’ is tailor-made for this year’s Senior Class. The challenge is to involve all Senior students with a speaking part, to utilise the talents of gifted and budding acting students, to showcase Year 6 students before they graduate and to deliver a message that will assist students and families to navigate the difficulties of life. Rehearsals are well underway and students have embraced their challenge very enthusiastically.

Norm Fitzgerald
Senior Class Teacher

Prep (Foundation)

The Foundation to Year 2 students have started Integrated Studies this semester. Integrated Studies covers Science, Humanities (History and Geography), as well as Art. By integrating the subjects it allows the students to look at different themes in more depth. This term we are studying ‘Animals and habitats’. This week we are looking at oceans and the different animals that live in the ocean. We have discovered lots of interesting facts about fish and how they breath under water.

Suzanne Roe
Foundation Teacher

Year 1 & 2

I am loving teaching the Year 1/2s this year and we are certainly having lots of fun. This week, we looked at measuring objects using both informal units (Year 1) and centimetres (Year 2).

The children are also starting to feel excited about the upcoming Book Week play that we will be preparing over the coming weeks. However, we are in need of some musical instruments for props, so if you have any toy/cheap/invaluable musical instruments at home that you think we could use, please let me know.

Also, Year 1/2 parents, I am available to meet with you for parent/teacher interviews should you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s report. However, if you are happy with your child’s report and have no questions or concerns, please don’t feel obliged.

Leah Bosch
Year 1/2 Teacher

ACC Youth

Friday, 28 July

Putt & Glow Mini Golf

Friday, 11 August

@ ACC, activity to be advised.


4 Year Old Kinder

Welcome back to Term 3. We have a very busy term ahead of us. We will be continuing our visits to Cooinda once a month. The magic lunchbox is still circulating, leading into our next “Smiles for Miles” session. Along with the Smiles for Miles session the dental van will be visiting the Kinder kids. We have the ‘Responsible Pet Ownership’ program coming. Book Week is fast approaching and we will celebrate this with a trip to the library. We will also celebrate Father’s Day. There will be more information provided as each event approaches.  

This week saw our first  ‘Kinder at Cooinda’ session. The children were very excited to be returning to Cooinda to reconnect with the residents and to continue to develop the already forming friendships. Once again the play dough was popular with both young and old. However, the highlight of the day was making our ‘shakers’. We decorated paper plates with stickers, folded them in half and then filled them with pasta before sealing them up by stapling the sides. Once they had finished making their shakers we put on some music and the children and residents were able to sing, dance and shake to the music. After completing our favourite song, ‘The Chicken Dance’ we got ready to go back to Kinder. Some of the residents were very sad to see us go.

This week we also launched our running program. Similar to the school children, we will have approximately 10 minutes to run around the oval. Each time the children run a lap I will mark it off. Once the children have completed 60 laps (completed their whole card) they will get a certificate. So far the children have enjoyed running.

We are looking forward to a busy but exciting term.

Fiona Ham
4 Year Old Kinder Teacher

3 Year Old Pre-Kinder

The youngest ones launched into Term 3 with lots of smiles and were keen to explore the new table top activities. We welcomed a new friend to our group, Hudson. Hudson settled in quickly and really enjoyed making cakes in the sandpit with glitter on top!

It was also great to welcome back educator Grace after returning from maternity leave.

The children enjoyed getting to know Grace and we all look forward to a busy last half of the year.

Wendy Smith
Pre Kinder Teacher


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