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Principal’s Message

Living Water

“Jesus answered, ‘everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life’.” ”
John 4.13-14.

When I started teaching, we never saw a student with a drink bottle. Students would quench their thirst at recess or lunch at the bubblers, and that was it.

Today students are sipping on water from fancy drink bottles in class all day. It often creates a problem with students spending valuable class time going to the toilet. In the last decade we have come to appreciate the value of maintaining hydration and that drinking water is a healthy habit.

In the verses above, Jesus is talking to a woman who is drawing water from a well. She did not have the convenience of turning on the tap at home or buying spring water from the supermarket shelf. She was dependent on the well in the centre of town. She knew the value of water not just for health but survival.

Jesus tells her there is something even more important than the water we drink. It is a ‘water’ only he can give and it becomes a spring within us welling up to eternal life. Who wouldn’t want water like this? The woman wanted it. The town came to hear his message and many believed. They wanted it.

And we should want it too. In fact, we need it. Our eternal survival depends on it.

It is our desire here at school that students drink from the spiritual water that Jesus can provide as much as they drink from their bottles. If they do, they will share in this eternal life that comes only through knowing Jesus.

It is also our desire that the parents, families and friends of our school community thirst for this same water and share in its benefits too.

Norm Fitzgerald

Whole School

Attendance Policy

School parents and guardians will have received a text message recently to inform them of our new bell time in the morning – 8.55am.

The time has changed to ensure that we make the most of our literacy time in the first session of the day.

We ask that students are at school, ready to go at 8.55am.

Late students are asked to report to the office to pick up a Late Slip. It is encouraged that all students arrive in good time to prepare for their day. Doing so instills the admirable quality of punctuality that becomes very important when they land their first job.

You will notice that our Attendance Policy and procedures, available on the school website, has been reviewed to reflect the importance we place on our duty of care for students.

In particular:


History has furnished us with many inspiring men and women. Our school house teams have adopted four such people who have been faithful witnesses in their passion to share God’s love to a world in need.

Over the next four editions of E-news we will look at each of these individuals.

Carey - School House

William Carey is known today as the ‘Father of the Modern Missionary Movement’.

Born in 1761, and raised in a rural English village, William had little education, but became a Christian whilst an apprentice to a cobbler, and proceeded to teach himself New Testament Greek. He continued to study the Bible and also became a preacher in the Baptist Church.

Dismayed at the church’s lack of concern for the those overseas, William argued that Jesus’ Great Commission was for all Christians of all times. So in 1792 he organised a missionary society, and within a year Carey and his family were on a ship headed for India.

The years that followed were exceptionally hard. By the time Carey died, he had spent 41 years in India without any break. His mission could count only some 700 converts in a nation of millions, but he had laid an impressive foundation of Bible translations, education and social reform.

His greatest legacy, however, was in the worldwide missionary movement of the nineteenth century. The names of those missionaries our other House teams are named after, were all inspired by Carey's example.

Carey.jpg carey william.jpg



Reports will be handed to parents who pick up their children on the last day of term at 2.10pm. Reports that are not collected will be posted that afternoon and will arrive early in the school holidays.

Parent-Teacher Interviews will be organized for early Term 3 to discuss issues raised in reports and to ensure that parents and teachers are working together to maximize their child’s learning in Second Semester.

Small Schools Cluster Cross Country at Dookie

As the end of term is fast approaching so to is our annual small schools cross country event at Dookie on Thursday 29th June @ Dookie Rail Trail starting at 10am. Prep to Year 6 students will attend this race along with staff. We will be travelling by Fallons Bus company, permission forms will be sent home soon.

Dookie Primary School parents club will be selling pre-ordered lunch packs as a fundraiser. Lunch Order forms will be sent home Monday - If you would like to order a lunch pack please complete the form and return to Lynne in our office by Friday 23rd June, these forms will be scanned and sent to Dookie prior to the day so they have correct numbers for catering.

Ovens and Mitta Division Cross Country

Six students represent the school at the Ovens and Mitta Division Cross Country in Wangaratta on Thursday 8th June. Well done to Kyle who came second in the 9-10 year old boys race.

Lions Club Public Speaking Competition

Well done to all participating students.

Congratulation to our school representatives going through to the Benalla competition:

Prep (Foundation)

The Prep/Foundation class had lots of fun making colourful jelly fish when learning the letter ‘j’. In Maths the Prep/Foundation class has been learning to tell the time. They have had lots of fun using the little yellow clocks and playing ‘What’s the time, Mr Wolf?’

Suzanne Roe
Foundation Teacher

Year 1 & 2

Last week, I had the rare privilege of teaching Science to the Junior Grade on Monday. As the students learnt about food and other substances that change form when they are heated, they enjoyed cooking and eating popcorn.

In Maths last week, the Year 1/2s learnt about counting patterns and making groups. As the children learnt about counting groups of 2, 5 and 10, they enjoyed many different hands on activities including putting skip counting numbers in order. It is encouraged that the students continue to practice their counting at home to increase fluency.

Leah Bosch
Year 1/2 Teacher

Senior Class

The Senior Class have been working hard to polish off their speeches for the Lions Club Public Speaking Competition. The long weekend and Report Writing Day on Tuesday made preparation difficult, but all stepped up to the task and delivered their message with surprising confidence.

Norm Fitzgerald
Senior Class Teacher

ACC Youth

Indoor Games Night

Next Event

Youth will resume in Term 3 on Friday 28th July. Details to follow.


4 Year Old Kinder

There is always so much happening in the kinder room. We are continuing our work on “Healthy Eating” with our Smiles for Miles program. We have started sending home our “Magic Lunch Box” and look forward to seeing what healthy food the children bring to kinder each day in it. I am very pleased to say that sharing 2 meals a day with your children I very rarely see anything that the Magic Lunch Box would reject.

Yay! We have reached 100 books read as a group. We are now working our way to our next milestone of 200. Congratulations to Arizona and Gemma who have also reached this goal. How is your child going at home?

A week and a half ago Wendy and I attended a mathematics professional development called “Let’s Count”. This was a brilliant program and we both learnt so much. The big thing that I took away from this P.D. was that we are all mathematicians even though we may not realise it. Following on from our “Maths is Everywhere” article a couple of e-news ago I am going to be including a maths game, story or song in each e-news, that you could try as a family at home. I would love to hear your feedback and how you have gone with these. This fortnight we will look at,

Ball Games - you could count how many times you bounce the ball or throw and catch the ball.

Some mathematics in the Kinder. We made a graph on the children’s favourite fruit. As you can see, strawberries are the most popular with 5 and pears are the least favourite with 0.

Fiona Ham
4 Year Old Kinder Teacher

3 Year Old Pre-Kinder

As mentioned in a past e-news children are great mathematicians as are educators and families.

Reading a story, singing a song and moving to music have great potential for mathematics learning. In almost every story, song or dance, there will be some mathematics to be noticed, explored and discussed. No doubt there will be favourites that you and your children have. One of my favourites is by Mem Fox, “Where is the Green Sheep?” Concepts include thin, wide, up down, in , out, fast, slow, high, low, near, far, and many more.

Over the next few weeks enjoys reading and singing with your children but deliberately notice, explore and discuss mathematics, you’ll be amazed how easy it is.

Wendy Smith
Pre Kinder Teacher

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