Principal’s Message

Shine Your Light

‘… let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven,’
Matthew 5.16.

At the School Service this week, I gave the illustration of the above passage with a candle.

For a candle to burn, it requires three things: fuel, oxygen and heat. Without any one of these, the candle will not burn.

When Jesus directs us to let our light shine before men, he is talking about burning spiritually.

Theologians can debate at length as to what three things a Christian requires in order to burn.

We can be sure that we need to engage the three parts of the triune Godhead: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is the Father who desires to have a relationship with us, the Son who paid the price for our sins and the Holy Spirit who empowers us to live a godly life.

Without any one of these parts of the one true God, we cannot burn.

We can also be sure that a Christian needs to be fueled by the Word of God, the Bible, have a living and active prayer relationship with God and faith to believe.

Without any one of these acts, we cannot burn.

One thing is for sure: that if we allow God to work in and through our lives we will burn whether we like it or not. Just like a candle.

And this burn is good. It gives light to a darkened world and warmth of cold place.

Get into the Bible, connect with Him in prayer and believe in the power of the living God and your light will shine before men too.

Norm Fitzgerald
[email protected]  

Whole School

Mothers Day Morning Tea

It was great to spend time with the precious mums and significant women in the lives of our children on Thursday and Friday last week. Hope you had a great day on Sunday.

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We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

We are excited to be able to take our 4 year old kinder class and our Prep to Year 6 students to the Live theatre Performance of ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt” on Tuesday 23rd May 2017 at 11am at BPACC Benalla.

All staff and students will travel by bus to Bpaac for this performance. Permission forms have been sent home today.

House System

The school will be introducing a House system for sporting events and other appropriate activities that promote friendly competition.

There will be four Houses according to colour, until they are named. The colours will be Green, Blue, Red and Gold.

Students will be placed in a House upon entry into the school as early as Three Year Old Kinder. They will stay in this House as long as they are at ACC Hume. All brothers and sisters will be in the same House.

Students will be allocated their House on Monday in time to prepare for the first House point event, the Cross Country on Thursday.

Friendly competition is healthy. Students are encouraged to view the House system as such. We as parents and staff should steer our students to compete to the best of their ability but be gracious in defeat. Houses adds an additional dimension to our school offering by encouraging students to work well as a team and encourage others.

Cross Country

In a new initiative, we have made some spectacular changes to our school Cross Country to be held on Thursday 25th May.

New Course

We’re going to visit one of Benalla’s finest attractions, the Winton Wetlands Hub.

Students will enjoy the scenery, wildlife, birdlife and the great outdoors as they run their race whilst parents enjoy a coffee and/or lunch at the Hub facilities as they have a bird’s eye view of their children crossing the finish line.

Course distances have been set at:

  • 4 year olds – 350m
  • 5 & 6 year olds – 700m
  • 7 & 8 year olds – 1200m
  • 9 & 10 year olds – 2km
  • 11 & over – 3km

Yes! There will be an Adult verses Student Challenge (yet to be arranged). Parents and Staff – bring your runners!

Four Year Old Kinder Join the Race

The Four Year Old Kinder Class will joining us on the day and will be encouraged to run a 350m course.

House Colours

This will be the first time the students can dress up in their House colours and win points for their House by participating.

One point will be awarded for completing the distance.

Place getters will get an additional point for 3rd, 2 points for 2nd and 3 points for 1st. Parents running will also win participation points for their child’s House. Get behind your colour and support your team.


Details are yet to be finalised. However, we do know:

  • The school will be getting there by bus
  • Parents, families and friends are welcome to come out and join us
  • There will be an opportunity for parent participation - bring your runners
  • Bring a picnic or buy lunch at the Hub Cafe
  • There may be a lunch pack offered for sale for students
  • Permission forms will be forwarded to families late this week or early next week
  • It’s going to be a great day!

Complaints Policy

The school recently reviewed our Complaint Policy.

We invite you to have a look. Please notice that there are informal complaints and formal complaints.

School staff deal with informal complaints, especially from students, on a daily basis as a part of normal school life.

Formal complaints can be made in writing by downloading the form from the Policy on the website.

We are happy to deal with complaints as needed, but, of course, we would love you to tell us when we are doing something right. It brightens the day of staff when we hear good news and the results of our hard work.


Maternity Leave

We are overjoyed at the news of Judy Lam’s expectant arrival of her second child. We have been blessed with a thriving Japanese program and we are thankful that she is able to teach here.

However, it will be her last day on 26th May as she creeps closer to her due date. Judy will return to school at the beginning of Term 3, next year.

In Judy’s absence we are pleased to announce that Fiona Ham will be teaching in her place. As Fiona is not a teacher of Japanese, she will be assisting with other parts of the curriculum and the teaching of Japanese will recommence once Judy returns next year.

We welcome Fiona to the school teaching staff.


Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund (CSEF): Families holding a valid means-tested concession card (health care card) are eligible to apply. Schools will receive $125 for each eligible primary student per year between years P-6, the funding is tied to the student and can be applied towards camps, sports and excursion levies billed to families in annual composite school fee accounts. An application form can be obtained at the office or can be downloaded from the CSEF website. Please hand completed forms to Lynne in the Office asap, a photocopy of your healthcare/pension card will be taken. Don’t miss out on this funding.

ACC Youth

Next Event - Tenpin Bowling

Bowling rox!

What: Tenpin Bowling
Day and Date: Friday 26th May
From: Leaving school at 4.30pm
To: Returning to school by 7.00pm
Where: Wangaratta Supa Bowl
What do I bring: Permission Forms and money
What will be eat: McDonalds
How much: $12 (bring extra for tea)
Permission Form: Yes – bring it on the day

Board Game Challenge Report

Strategy was the name-of-the-game for the Board Game Challenge last Friday at Youth. Mr Fitzgerald won the day at chess, though it was touch-and-go for most of the game as he was nearly outsmarted by a Grade Six student. Students enjoyed a relaxing time together of food, fun and fellowship.

Prep (Foundation)

All the children had fun making gifts for their mums for Mother’s Day in Art. They thoughtfully chose colours their mums would like. They also enjoyed wrapping their gifts. I hope all mums had a great day and were spoilt!!!

Suzanne Roe
Foundation Teacher
[email protected]  

Year 1 & 2

Last week, the Year 1/2’s had the privilege of working with students from the other classes, including the Preps and students from the Senior class. This was due to NAPLAN taking place for the Year’s 3’s and 5’s. The students enjoyed reading in multi-aged groups as well as making cards for their mothers. It was wonderful to see how beautifully the students interacted with each other and inspired each other's creativity.

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Leah Bosch
Year 1/2 Teacher
[email protected]

Senior Class

NAPLAN students worked very hard last week to complete their literacy and numeracy tasks. All can be commended for their efforts.

The Senior Class are also striving to increase their ability to run the distances expected in the Cross Country next week.

Norm Fitzgerald
Senior Class Teacher
[email protected]  


Over the past few weeks, Senior and Junior students have worked independently and in small groups to learn 1-2 new counting systems - the Tsu counters and the Hon counters. Students also enjoyed learning to recognise the Japanese shopkeeper’s greeting and the phrase for asking how much an item costs.

Judy Lam
[email protected]


3 Year Old Pre-Kinder and 4 Year Old Kinder

Maths is everywhere!

Have you ever stopped to think about your normal day and how much mathematics has been involved in what you do? NO, probably not… (We hadn’t either until just recently.)

But if you think about it maths is everywhere and in everything we do. It’s not just sitting at a desk at school trying to work out the answers to some tricky sums.

As children go through their day “just playing” there is mathematics all around them too. Children are powerful mathematicians who learn through play.

As parents and families of children you have a special opportunity to support your child’s mathematical learning through noticing maths in everyday situations, exploring maths and talking about the mathematics being learned.

It’s with this in mind we encourage you to see how many maths activities you and your family are involved in. Let us know how you go.

Reading and acting out “10 Green Bottles” (Ten Brown Cylinders)

Fiona Ham
4 Year Old Kinder Teacher
[email protected]  

Wendy Smith
Pre Kinder Teacher
[email protected]  

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