Principal’s Message

What Are You Looking At?

‘Fix your eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.’
Hebrews 12.2

In the last eNews we looked at the word ‘discipline.’ It is mentioned some ten or so times in the twelfth chapter of Hebrews.

One thing that makes the discipline easier is if we know there is an end, or purpose to the pain we endure. Verse two of this chapter says to keep at the race of the Christian life and ‘fix your eyes on Jesus.’

We fix our eyes on Jesus for two reasons.

Firstly, he is the one who initiated our faith. It is our faith in Him that saves us from our sin, nailing it to the cross when He died in our place at Calvary.

And secondly, he is the one who helps us to perfect our faith. He steps through our life with us using difficulties and hardships to make us stronger and a little closer to his image.

So lift your eyes from the pain of the moment and fix your eyes on Jesus. He is transforming, molding and shaping our character. If we allow him to do it, we will be all the better for it.

Norm Fitzgerald
[email protected]  

Whole School

Sean W Smith

The school is pleased to present a performance by children’s singer/songwriter Sean W Smith on Friday 17th March at 2.00pm.

The concert will be attended by all school students.

Parents are welcome to attend.

Four Year Old and Three Year Old Kinder students are invited to attend accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Sean’s latest album will be available for sale. Parents are encouraged to bring their credit card or cash for all purchases from Sean direct.

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We will be endeavouring to post school activities daily on Facebook. Please like us and spread the good news of what is happening in your school community.


Parent-Teacher Interviews

After our highly successful introduction of Parent-Teacher Interviews conducted at the beginning of the year in 2016, we will be doing the same again this year.

Teachers will discuss recent diagnostic testing and report on your child’s start to the school year and map out the best course ahead for each student. This may include an alteration to the planned program for your child’s year level, extension work, inclusion in our MultiLit literacy intervention program and/or a reminder about establishing a productive homework routine.

Your child’s classroom teacher will be in touch with you in person to invite you to an interview.

We are advising all parents to attend these meetings.

ACC Youth Group Launch

The School is excited to introduce the ACC Youth Group.

Youth Group is designed to maintain contact with past students of ACC, ensuring they have support in their walk as a Christian and a positive peer group to navigate the difficult teenage years.

Our Youth Group is not intended to replace the youth work happening in Benalla’s local churches, and we encourage students to support their church communities before ours. ACC Youth aims to complement this work by ensuring all of our Year 6 students and ex students have the support they need.

Who is invited to come?

  • Current Year 6 students of ACC
  • Students that have graduated from ACC
  • Invited friends of Year 6 and graduate students

ACC Youth will generally be on Friday nights, fortnightly during school terms, between 5-7pm. There will be a mix of out-of-town activities and school-based activities.

Our first event is AquaZone in Yarrawonga on Friday 10th March. Our second will be on Friday 24th March at school.

If you know of a student in Year 6 or older who would like to attend, please contact Norm or Lynne.

Bus Safe Victoria

On Monday 27th February, our students were involved in a Bus Safe Education program. More than 900 Benalla School children learned valuable tips on how to deal with an emergency on a school bus, Do’s and Don’ts of bus travel, safety on and off the bus, as well as being taught to make the most of seatbelts on newer buses.

The children had a great time, coming back with an apple, bus magnet, colouring sheet and a pack of coloured pencils.

We thank Bus Association Victoria  for inviting our school to participate in this Bus Safety Roadshow and their generous cash donation made on the day to our school.

Thank you

Thank you to Sheree Jackson and her family for their generous gift of garden mulch and new trees that have given a fresh new look to an area in our school backyard.

Prep (Foundation)

Last Tuesday the Foundation, Year 1 and 2 class joined together to make yummy pancakes. The children enjoyed putting a variety of topping on top. Some pancakes had some unique combinations!

We followed up the activity with a variety of reading and writing activities.

A big thanks to Sheree Jackson and Rebecca Loh for coming and helping.

I am looking for some parent helpers on Tuesday afternoons 2:15pm to 2:50pm in Physical Education to assist small groups with PMP based activities for the rest of Term one. No previous experience or fitness level required. If you are able to assist please see Suzanne Roe.

Suzanne Roe
Foundation Teacher
[email protected]  

Year 1 & 2

Over the past five weeks the students have been looking extensively at the writing process which includes Pre-Planning, Drafting, Revising, Editing and Publishing stages. The students have explored each of these stages and what they specifically include within the context of writing recounts. As you can imagine, after several weeks, many of the students are now in the final stage of publishing their writing. It has been wonderful to see the students eagerly using the laptops and developing their IT skills. They have enjoyed seeing the final version of the work come into fruition after so much planning and revising.

Please also note that I have sent most parents an email to organise a time for a Parent-Teacher Interview. If you haven’t yet, please come and see me (or email me) to arrange a time. Looking forward to catching up with all.

Leah Bosch
Year 1/2 Teacher
[email protected]

Senior Class

Students have been working hard to draft, edit and publish a Recount. The finished product should be available by the end of this week.

Whilst some students find writing easy, others need to work hard at spelling, sentences, paragraphing and shaping a finished article.

Encourage your child by reading their Recount and praising them for a job well done.

Norm Fitzgerald
Senior Class Teacher
[email protected]


4 Year Old Kinder

What a busy fortnight we have had in the kinder. We cooked pancakes, which was a new experience for some and an old favourite for others.

On Tuesday we had Deb from the library visit. She read some stories to the children which we all loved. Deb then introduced the “read 1000 books before school” program to us. The children all got a pack that included a tally sheet and stickers. We will be keeping our own tally at kinder. This will be displayed in kinder, so pop in and have a look. Each eNews I will keep you posted on our new total. Can we get to 1000 by the end of the year?

I have a few things I would like families to collect and pass on to the kinder. Could you please bring in egg cartons for a craft we are doing? We would also like egg shells. Could these please be washed and dried. Lastly, if you have any plastic eggs (from toys or similar) and you don’t need them anymore we would appreciate it if you could donate these to the kinder. Thank you.

Fiona Ham
4 Year Old Kinder Teacher
[email protected]  

3 Year Old Pre-Kinder

Hooray no more tears! All the children have settled quickly over the past two weeks. It’s lovely to watch the little friendships developing and their interests growing. What a great bunch we have this year.

Wendy Smith
Pre Kinder Teacher
[email protected]  

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