Principal’s Message

‘Discipline’ is not a Bad Word

Many people think ‘discipline’ is a bad word. It conjures up images of doing something wrong and receiving a punishment as a consequence. Discipline like this is corrective and if we learn from our mistakes, we are all the better for it.

Teachers also steer students in order to learn the ‘disciplines’ of English, Maths, Health and Physical Education, Languages other than English, Information Technology, The Arts, Humanities and Science. If students respond, they will gain knowledge and skills in those areas.

Ultimately, we want our students to be self-disciplined. If they take on board the responsibility to apply themselves, they become independent learners and the world can become their classroom. Students who master the art of self-discipline will exceed beyond other students and will find success in their future goals and are likely to be the innovators and leaders of tomorrow.

The Bible also talks about discipline. In the book of Hebrews chapter twelve the writer speaks of being under the disciplining hand of the Lord. The word ‘discipline’ is mentioned about ten times in this chapter. God disciplines us because he loves us, just like a loving father who wants the best for his child.

But it also reminds us in verse 11:

“No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.”

Let us all press on to achieve our educational and personal goals this year. It may be painful at times but we shall gain so much when the year is over.

Norm Fitzgerald
[email protected]

Whole School

New Arrival

Norm and Claire Fitzgerald welcome grandchild number five into the world. Harvey was born to daughter Hosanna and son-in-law Pat on 21st February and is a little brother to Phoebe.

Policy Review

The school is currently reviewing all policies to ensure that our approach to education and operational procedures are in line with best practice.

Working Bee

Thanks to all parents, students and staff who attended the Working Bee. We achieved our goal of filling sandpits, replacing playground soft fall and tidying the gardens. It was a great school community day.

School Banking Program 2017

Australian Christian College Hume is a participant in the Commonwealth Bank School Banking Program. School Banking is a great way for young students to learn about money and develop good savings habits. To be involved your child just needs to have a Youth Saver Account with the Commonwealth Bank. Kindergarten children are welcome to participate as well.

Our school banking day is Tuesday. A basket is provided outside the office on a Tuesday morning where students can drop off their deposit book. It will be processed and available for collection usually by Wednesday morning.

Given this program is to encourage children to save we recommend they are actively involved in placing their own money into their deposit book. Large sums are not necessary and in fact we ask that deposits are kept at $10 and below for security reasons.

If your child would like to be involved in the program you can open a Youth Saver Account for them at a branch of the Commonwealth Bank or online (for existing CBA customers).


Parent-Teacher Interviews

After our highly successful introduction of Parent-Teacher Interviews conducted at the beginning of the year in 2016, we will be doing the same again this year.

Teachers will discuss recent diagnostic testing and report on your child’s start to the school year and map out the best course ahead for each student. This may include an alteration to the planned program for your child’s year level, extension work, inclusion in our MultiLit literacy intervention program and/or a reminder about establishing a productive homework routine.

Your child’s classroom teacher will be in touch with you in person to invite you to an interview.

We are advising all parents to attend these meetings.

Prep (Foundation)

The Foundation students have made a great start in learning their letters and sounds. So far they have learnt the sounds s, a, t, p, n. They have enjoyed learning to write the letters and participate in various activities and games. The Foundation students also have homework to complete at each night to reinforce their learning.

Suzanne Roe
Foundation Teacher
[email protected]  

Year 1 & 2

Our school term is now in full swing and this week we have begun assessing the students’ reading levels and their maths knowledge. This information will form the basis of our conversations at Parent-Teacher Interviews in Weeks 5 and 6.

Last week, our maths focus was 2D shapes and the students enjoyed a range of different activities to practice their shape identification. I encourage you to continue reinforcing these concepts with your child by finding shapes in your environment.

Leah Bosch
Year 1 & 2 Teacher
[email protected]

Senior Class

Senior class students are continuing to set routines in place that will benefit their learning.

One of those routines is homework.

Here is what the Senior Class students should be doing for homework:

  • Reading at least fifteen minutes, five nights per week. They will become great readers if you interact with them and their reading. Read to them. Read with them. Have them read to you. Ask questions about what words, sentences and paragraphs mean. Get them to predict what is going to happen over the page.
  • Doing their Mental Maths or Mathletics fifteen minutes, five nights per week.
  • Going over any spelling words they have.

It’s a good idea is to do homework at the same time every night, in the same quiet place away from distraction and under loving and encouraging parent supervision.

If you can help them establish a good homework routine, you will help them build character, find their grades improving and end up with a happier child.

The students have also been undergoing diagnostic testing, which will be a topic of conversation in Parent-Teacher Interviews.

Norm Fitzgerald
Senior Class Teacher
[email protected]


Konnichiwa and welcome to a new year in Japanese! This term, students will continue familiarising themselves with the Japanese Hiragana alphabet, numbers, weather, days of the week and greetings. Students will begin to look more closely at the Japanese counting system as well as the construction of basic sentences. So far, we have enjoyed playing some new games that help reinforce our language learning.


This term, in Senior Science, students are exploring Earth Space Science. Students have already begun investigating the Sun, Earth and Moon.

Judy Lam
Japanese & Senior Science Teacher
[email protected]


4 Year Old Kinder

We have had another settled fortnight at Kinder. We welcomed two new children into our group. We welcome Grace back to our Kinder family and we also welcome Nevaeh to our Kinder family. Both girls have already settled into the group. We hope the girls and their families have an enjoyable year with us.

This week we have enjoyed some cooler weather and taken this opportunity to have a picnic outside under our beautiful tree. The children enjoyed eating and chatting with their friends in the fresh air. This linked well with us looking at ‘creation’ and how God made the trees and the plants on day 3. If you haven’t already done so please pop into Kinder to see our belonging tree. The children worked very hard on it and it looks amazing.

On Tuesday 7th March at 10.00am we have Deb from the Benalla library coming to Kinder to read some books to our children. This will be a fun session for the children as they all love being read to.

Fiona Ham
4 Year Old Kinder Teacher
[email protected]

3 Year Old Pre-Kinder

At this stage of the year we will be concentrating on saying goodbye happily at the start of the session, getting to know each other and familiarising ourselves with rules, expectations and routines that are involved in being part of a group and what Kinder involves.

The children have enjoyed games in the cubby house, water wheels, obstacle course, toothbrush painting, block play and stories together. We have all had some fun times together.

Wendy Smith
Pre Kinder Teacher
[email protected]

Photo Gallery

Senior Students learning to touch type in ICT

Family fun at the Welcome BBQ

Welcome and Meet the Teachers Family BBQ

A great night was had by all who attended our Annual ‘Welcome BBQ and Meet the Staff’ family night. School families enjoyed catching up socially with staff and other parents and grandparents and also welcoming all the new families into our school community.